IXACT Contact Launches Online User Forum!

Real estate CRM user forumWith our brand new user forum, our customers can now:

  • Get tips and ideas from other IXACT Contact users.
  • Ask other users questions and seek their advice.
  • Reach out to our Customer Support Team.
  • Provide us with suggestions on future enhancements.

The forum can be easily accessed in just a few clicks via the Agent CRM’s Help area. Some of the features include the ability for users to:

  • Start their own topics, polls, and surveys.
  • Post images and videos.
  • Tag threads with keywords so the thread can be easily searched and located in the future.
  • Share posts on social media.
  • Privately message other users and IXACT Contact’s Customer Support Team.
  • Upload their picture and maintain a profile for others to view.

Any questions can be directed to IXACT Contact’s Customer Support Team at 1-866-265-6990 or support@ixactcontact.com.

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