The Sales Springboard – “I Need One More Sale”   

open house tips for agentsEvery Real Estate Salesperson makes this statement periodically. We look at our results, we look at our bank balance, and we decide that we want more business right away.

As a Sales Coach for over 17 years now I realize that “one more sale” you are looking for so urgently is actually preceded by a need for something else. I call it the “sales springboard”. The Sales Springboard is the catalyst that generates the sale. As a rule of thumb, no springboard  – no sale.

Here’s a list of some common Sales Springboards that you need to have available to make things happen faster:

Springboard #1. Following up with your database on a daily basis using the tools at your disposal (IXACT Contact real estate CRM). Remind your past clients and your centres of influence you are there to help them.

Asking for referrals comes from building a comfortable rapport. That rapport comes from staying in touch personally – remember “the business of business is still people”.

Springboard #2. Being comfortable with using scripts and dialogs in a conversational fashion (much better than “winging it”). This is taking “what to say and how to say it” and fashioning the conversation around a style that is comfortable for you.

Don’t change who you are, just enhance how you say things.

Springboard #3. Accepting the need for accountability. We’ve all heard the expression… “If you could do it on your own you would have done it already”.

All top performers have a Coach. A great Coach is someone “who will not let you settle for what you think is your best”. Everyone needs a nudge – you know you can do so much more. Strong accountability is worth its weight in gold. 

Springboard #4. The skill to handle rejection and bounce back quickly. Real Estate Sales is a tough business. There’s a lot of rejection and sometimes it’s hard to accept that the more rejection you get, the more business you will do.

Vince Lombardi said it best many years ago… “It’s not whether or not you get back up… It’s how fast you get up”. Don’t let anyone else have any power over your results. Build up your mental toughness every day.

Springboard #5. Staying focused on your top priorities and saying NO to interruptions. More than anything else, the key to success in this high paced environment is to be doing the right things most of the time.

A simple solution is the tried and true approach of… Writing out your top 3 “must do” activities for that day every morning. Do them no matter what and don’t stop until they are done. You are in charge of your own success – don’t fall prey to the priorities of others.

Springboard #6. The discipline to prospect daily (self-discipline is a learned skill… no one is born with it). Protect your mornings so you can generate leads when you are at your best. It’s easier to say NO to those ongoing distractions when you have your ”morning energy” on your side.

Here’s a simple equation that will serve you well… A must = G (my activities must equal my goals). Use your mornings to start loading up your “conveyor belt”. Get it out of the way and then do additional lead follow-up and appointment setting later in the day. That way nothing gets missed.

There is a reason why top Salespeople are among the highest paid professionals in business. It takes a lot of Skill. By using the above 6 Sales Springboards you can propel your self to greater heights of performance rapidly. Keep using these to your advantage  and that “one more sale” will always be available when you need it.

A great idea is to revisit this list again in 30 days. Which one (or two) are you resisting? Have another look. One of the most important Skills of all is recognizing that you can always improve your Skills.

Always be growing.

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