How to Get your Real Estate Business Ready in the New Year: PART 1

It’s that time of the year again, only this year it’s a bit different. This year, online shopping is at its peak. Food delivery services are also busier than ever. On top of that, virtual get-togethers have replaced large gatherings. The common denominator of all of this? Everyone is resorting to doing business ONLINE. This is no surprise as the world has headed towards a direction where going digital is the new norm. But as a real estate agent, how do you prepare your real estate business and how does this affect your business in the new year?

In previous blogs, we’ve mentioned that using tools that help you manage your contacts, get organized, and automate the marketing of your brand are crucial, but what are the other steps you can take to further elevate your real estate brand?

Two words. Social Media.

It is the building block of any business. If you want to check the legitimacy of a business, you google them. In your search results, you will find their social media accounts. When you look through this business’s social media accounts, you check how often they’re posting, how many followers they have, reviews, comments, and the quality of their content.

How does this relate to your real estate business? Whenever you have past clients of yours willing to refer you to their friends or family, they will most likely look you up online before contacting you. Or rather, what about millennial homebuyers who are looking for their first house?

Getting your name out there is crucial!

Understandably so, you have a busy schedule and on top of that, posting a few times a week seems tedious, especially when you are showing homes to prospective buyers, making phone calls, or even doing your Christmas shopping online.

Therefore, automated social media posting is your answer. Above all, it’s so quick and easy and won’t require much work on your end. So how do you start?

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