3 Tips to Stay Organized When You’re Busy

We all know that it is easy to be organized and on top of things when your business is moving at a slower pace. But what happens during your busy season? You don’t want potential leads or past customers to suddenly fall through cracks – you’ll need them when business slows down again! So we’ve compiled 3 tips to stay organized even in your most chaotic of times.

1. Automate Lead Capture

When you are busy, manually entering every new lead you get is not a task you have time for. But during your busy season, you are generating more leads than at any other time! The solution? Automating that lead capture so it goes directly to your database without you having to do a thing. IXACT Contact can do this for you, so whether a lead is coming from your website, Zillow, Trulia, or even Facebook it is going directly to your database. That’s a big piece of work taken off your plate!

2. Automate Email Marketing

Let’s be honest, when you have dozens of different showings, listings, and closings happening a month you don’t have time to do email marketing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have it! When you use a CRM such as IXACT Contact, you can automate much of this. You can set up our monthly e-Newsletter once and have it send it out automatically every month on your behalf without you lifting a finger. You can also assign contacts to our pre-written drip email campaigns so they are receiving relevant content from you on a regular basis – even when you are busy!

3. Set Keep-in-Touch Reminders

Your brain can only hold so much information at a time, so when you are busy it is easy for keep-in-touch activities to be forgotten. So let your real estate CRM take over for you. IXACT Contact allows you to set keep-in-touch reminders for all of your contacts so you’ll never forget to call that important past client again. You can also setup birthday and move-in anniversary reminders for all of your contacts – dates you can’t possibly remember when things are hectic but will make you look incredible to your contacts!


Don’t let your busy season become a problem for you later on. Stay on top of things now with almost no extra effort by utilizing automation features. IXACT Contact offers all of these and more and will assist in keeping your real estate business running smoothly even when you don’t have the time to monitor every little thing. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.