5 Tips to Save Time as a Real Estate Agent

Time is a tremendously precious commodity – there is never enough of it and you can’t get more of it. This is a sentiment every real estate agent would relate to. Thankfully, you can save time. Just use our 5 tips.

1. Automate Your Lead Capture

Are you getting dozens of leads every day from your lead generation sources? If so, manually entering each of them into your database is going to be a huge time suck. And that’s time you could be spending converting those leads! Save yourself the time by using a CRM that provides automated lead capture such as IXACT Contact. IXACT Contact integrates with Zillow, Trulia, Fivestreet, your website, and many other lead generation sources so your system does that tedious work for you.

2. Use Drip Email Campaigns

Once you’ve got all those new leads in your database, you want to convert them into clients. Individually emailing or calling each every one on regular basis becomes time-consuming quickly. Instead, set up those new leads on drip email campaigns, also know as lead nurture campaigns. IXACT Contact provides 9 unique, pre-written campaigns that you can automatically assign to new leads. This saves you time in creating the content, and also means that content goes out on your behalf automatically at regular time intervals. You’ll be converting leads into clients and saving time.

3. Set Reminders

You know that remembering the birthdays and move-in anniversaries of your contacts is very important to your business, but if you have to check your entire database on a daily basis to see if anyone is celebrating you’ll be losing a lot of precious time. Instead, use a CRM that allows you to set reminders for birthdays and move-in anniversaries. IXACT Contact takes this one step further to save you even more time – you can mass assign these reminders for all of your contacts. You can also have these automatically created for all new contacts you add. Think of the time savings!

4. Use a Calendar and Task List

Nothing wastes more time than forgetting about an appointment or showing up at the wrong time or place. And as a busy real estate agent, remembering everything perfectly in your own mind is next to impossible. Instead, use a Calendar and Task List. A good CRM such as IXACT Contact will send you email or text reminders whenever something is due or an appointment is coming up. IXACT Contact also syncs with Gmail, Outlook, iCal, or your smartphone so that wherever you enter your tasks or appointments you’ll receive the reminder you need.

5. Automate Your Social Media

Have you experienced the hours it can take to source great content that your followers will love on social media? It’s important, but a task it would be great to delegate. What if you could delegate it to your CRM? Oh yes, it is possible. With IXACT Contact’s Social Stream, you can select the topics you are interested in from top tier publications such as Better Homes and Gardens and Forbes. Then, you can schedule those articles to go out to your social media accounts up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week. All with a few clicks! Best of all, the content posted by Social Stream will have a lead capture pop up available, so you can get more from your social media with a lot less time.

As a busy real estate agent, you don’t have time to waste. What time you do have needs to be spent building relationships with one-on-one time. Start using these 5 tips to build more time into your schedule for the tasks that matter most. IXACT Contact will make it incredibly simple.Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.