5 Tips for Having a Successful Real Estate Team

Having a real estate team can be a huge advantage in this industry. You’ve got your teammates to help you drive business, help you out when the unexpected (inevitable) happens, and support you on a daily basis. But without the proper framework in place, teams can also devolve in disorganization and cease to bring the same value. That’s why we’ve outlined 5 tips to help make your real estate team a successful one.

1. Share Calendars Between Team Members

It is so important for everyone to know what is going on with each other on a team. By sharing calendars, you can see who is busy when, and who has downtime. This allows you to more easily help each other out during busy times. It also allows for the simple assigning of appointments and tasks to various team members which is key in assuring everyone is successful. IXACT Contact’s Teams version allows for the sharing of calendars and assigning of appointments and tasks, while still maintaining the ability to keep some private, so you get the best of both worlds.

2. Use Team-Specific Reporting

As a team leader, it is crucially important to know how your team is performing both overall and individually. So you need to use a system that will allow you to easily run both types of reports. Using the Teams version of IXACT Contact you can do exactly that, with reports for tasks and appointments, and active business transactions that can be team-member specific or aggregated.

3. Separate Website Lead Capture

If one agent on your team has put a lot of effort into generating new leads, you want them to be able to reap the reward. That’s why it is important to have a website lead capture system that will separate who the new leads belong to, while still allowing contacts to be assigned at a later date. The team member bringing in new leads may end up with more than they can handle, at which point another member may be assigned some to help out. IXACT Contact’s agent websites for Teams give you this ability, and help to ensure harmony remains on your team.

4. Have Team-Member Branding

You want to make it clear that all of your team-members are, in fact, part of your team, without overriding their personal identity. An easy way to do this is to establish colors and/or fonts that are used for mass emails/letters, email headers, and email/letter signatures. With IXACT Contact, all of these can be pre-loaded so your members simply have to choose which item they are looking for. It will be team-member specific while still maintaining your team’s brand!

5. Set Restrictions as Necessary

As a Team Leader, there may be times that you don’t want your team-members to be able to go in and change things. You may want to restrict your teammates ability to delete contacts so that no one ever loses a potential lead by mistake. The IXACT Contact Teams version allows for the Team Leader to set restrictions on importing, deleting, exporting, or wirelessly syncing contact data. So whatever limits your team needs, you can easily create – and change should you want to in the future!

There you have it, 5 simple ways to keep your real estate team productive, organized, and harmonious. With IXACT Contact you are able to manage your team effectively, while still being incredibly easy to use.

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