5 Tips for Having a Successful Real Estate Team

Having a real estate team can be a huge advantage in this industry. You’ve got your teammates to help you drive business, help you out when the unexpected (inevitable) happens, and support you on a daily basis. But without the proper framework in place, teams can also devolve in disorganization and cease to bring the […]

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5 Ways to Get Organized and Be More Successful

Getting organized is one of those things we all know we should do, yet somehow keep putting it off. Often this is because it feels too time-consuming or that there isn’t enough return on our efforts. But we’re here to tell you that organization can be simple, and it will bring more success to your […]

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The Ultimate Agent Checklist to Getting More Done

real estate checklist

Does this sound like your typical day as a real estate agent who is short on time? The average working person gets one interruption every eight minutes, or 50-60 per day. If each interruption takes five minutes, that totals about four hours or 50% of the average workday (Dr. Donald E. Wetmore).  No wonder it’s […]

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