5 Ways Email Marketing can Boost Your Business

Email is so ubiquitous to our daily lives, we sometimes take it for granted—most of us check our smart phones, smart watches, tablets, or inboxes for new messages several times a day (if not immediately after a notification pops up on the screen).

Whether you are using emial for basic communication or as a n inexpensive way to reach everyone in your digital rolodex at one time, here are five best practices for realtors looking to successfully incorporate email marketing into their overall digital marketing game.

Follow Up After A Networking Event

Leads won’t just start coming in after a networking event.  Like any lead, it is a process of nurturing and follow-up.  Gather business cards of those at the networking event.  Then send a follow-up email about how it was nice to meet them and include your contact information.

Send A Just Sold Email Blast To Your Client Database

Share your sold listings with your client list. It can be a way to start a conversation about getting their home on the market but it can also help keep you top of mind when the time is right for them to sell. Offer your services or some sort of incentive so they will reach out to you for their real estate needs.

Automate Emails When You Can

You can automate many of your emails, like your welcome email, certain follow up emails and even monthly newsletters.  Make sure you have your leads and clients grouped in a way that makes sense.  This way, clients get the email messages that work best for them, wherever they are in their home buying or selling journey. 

Send A Newsletter Or Client Stories

You can send email newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis to give an overview of your company. These newsletters can include pictures or invites of an open house event or a success story shared by your client. Showing satisfied clients in your newsletter is an excellent way to attract new customers. This increases their faith in you as potential customers and makes them initiate a conversation or offer if they haven’t done yet.

Segment Your Email List

If you want to give very personal experiences to your leads, segment your email list based on client personas and needs. Then, target communications with details pertinent to each client.  Segmentation increases the chances of nurturing bonds with the audience by sending only valuable and relatable content.

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