Helping Clients Make Informed Decisions when Buying a Home


Buying a home is the biggest single purchase most adults will make in their lives. Your clients should always know and be prepared for what is going to happen next in the process of buying a home. Always keep them informed and let them know ahead of time if there are things they need to prepare or do. 

Communication is key in order for the clients to feel calm and confident in what is going to happen. To help combat anxiety and help your clients make an informed decision about the purchase, showcase your authority and expertise in one or more of these ways:  

Offer First-Time Homebuyer Workshops

By tapping into your professional network, which may include attorneys, accountants, and financial advisers, you can sponsor a workshop for first-time homebuyers.This event, if planned correctly, can be profitable in capturing new clients at a reasonable cost. Many of these workshops can be held at a community center or other spaces for a nominal fee.

Provide Materials That Your Customers Can Review At Home

Creating informational materials for your customers to take home will help eliminate their anxiety, as it will ensure they have something to reference whenever questions arise.  Furthermore, providing these resources will help to convey your level of expertise.

Try to make the materials that you create for your customers specific. Reading your detailed explanations will reinforce the fact that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to help them through this momentous milestone.

Have Home Valuation Tools on Your Website

Money matters can be one of the things preventing people from selling or buying a home or renting an apartment. To be helpful, let users know what their homes are worth or whether or not they can afford the option they like. Consider integrating a valuation tool and mortgage calculator into your website. You can display a calculator on the home page or embed a valuation tool into each page.

Be Your Clients’ Go-To Resource Even After Closing

Just because the deal has closed doesn’t mean your buyers or sellers will cease to need your expertise. Effective real estate agents retain their clients even after they’ve received their commission checks by continuing to be a resource for every real estate need.

Offer your clients referrals to local vendors throughout the home buying or selling process to simplify their lives. And, continue to make introductions to contractors, designers, plumbers, etc. after your work is technically done in order to keep the lines of communication open long after your clients have their new keys in hand.