Amazing New Email Marketing Enhancements to IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM!

IXACT Contact real estate email marketingIXACT Contact has always been a leader when it comes to powerful email marketing functionality built right into the real estate CRM. But we’ve just taken it a step further with a suite of robust email marketing features that have just been added to the system!

  • Add social media sharing buttons to any mass email and your monthly e-Newsletter.
  • Copy a webpage version hyperlink of any previously sent email.
  • Schedule any mass email (currently only applies to monthly e-newsletter).
  • Preview a pending scheduled email.
  • Cancel a pending scheduled email.
  • View a previously sent email.

Here are the benefits of these new features:

  • Add social media share buttons to any mass email and your monthly e-Newsletter: This is a great way to integrate social media into your real estate email marketing! And by giving you the option to share the e-Newsletter on your social channels, this can increase the number of people who will read your e-Newsletter – big time.
  • Copy a webpage version hyperlink of any previously sent email: You can post the URLs of past emails on your website! And, if you’ve ever wanted to send someone a link to an email they previously sent, you can do it with IXACT Contact.
  • Schedule any mass email to be sent out automatically at the date and time of your choosing – perhaps when you’re on vacation or busy in an important meeting!
  • Preview a pending scheduled email: Forgot which emails were scheduled out? You can quickly preview each email you’ve scheduled so you’re always in the know as to what communications have been planned for your contacts.
  • Cancel a pending scheduled email: Hit the send button a little too soon? Now you can cancel any email that’s scheduled for delivery but hasn’t been sent yet. This gives you the peace of mind that it’s ok to make a mistake!
  • View a previously sent email: Right from within IXACT Contact’s Email Campaign Reporting dashboard, you can view the content of your previously sent emails. How convenient!

IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM, email marketing platform, and professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter system in one. It’s the only real estate CRM that has the much valued Email Campaign Reporting functionality and it’s known North America-wide to have a shorter learning curve than most comparable solutions on the market, such as Top Producer.

The system is also endorsed by leading real estate coaches and training companies in North America, such as Hobbs/Herder, Jennifer-Allan Hagedorn, Leader’s Edge Training, and Richard Robbins International.

Currently using IXACT Contact? Please tell us what you think of the system by leaving a comment below!

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