Building Your Digital Branding

You know the importance of having a brand for your real estate business. You’ve probably got business cards, brochures, and even signage that all reflect who you are and what you offer as an agent. But those things are all print, what are you doing for your branding online? As potential clients research you (which you know they will), it’s important that they get that same sense of who you are and what you offer online as they would offline. Here are some simple ways to make sure that happens.

Build a Branded Website

Your website is the digital hub of your business – it should incorporate your branding! This can include specific colors or fonts, a style of photography, or just your picture and slogan. Whatever makes you stand out should be clear on your website. With IXACT Contact’s free agent websites, this is made even easier. The website comes with 16 pages of pre-written content that you can (and should!) customize with your own flair – but we provide you with a starting point so you don’t have to work from scratch! You can also choose the theme that best suits your branding, and customize with colors, your pictures, logos, and more. It’s a website that provides a foundation for you to build off of!


Brand Your Email Communications

You know the value of sending out regular email marketing to your contacts, but are you branding those valuable emails? If not, you definitely should be! IXACT Contact makes this incredibly easy with the ability for you to create your own branded email header and signature that you can choose to include on every email you send. You can upload a custom header you already have, or create one in the system using your picture, logo, colors, and fonts that suit your branding. Including your email signature not only adds a personal touch even to mass emails but provides an opportunity for you to further reinforce your branding with your slogan or important links.


Implement Your Branding on Social Media

At bare minimum, all of your social media accounts should feature your image or logo, and a cover photo that utilizes your branding. That will be the first thing any new leads see when they land on your pages. But if you want to take things a step further, consider branding your social posts themselves. How do you do this? With IXACT Contact’s Social Stream service! With this program, all of the content published to your accounts from top-tier publications have YOUR branding when a user clicks on them. This means they can read the article or watch the video but still see your smiling face and contact information while they do. It’s the perfect way to step up your digital branding, without having to add a lot of work to your already full plate.


You are a talented and unique agent, and it’s important that your contacts, leads, and prospects understand that right away. In this day and age, that means putting your branding online as well as in print materials. The good news is that with IXACT Contact it doesn’t have to take much extra effort, but you’ll reap all of the reward. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.