Go Beyond Email for Successful Communication

We live in a digital era – there is no denying that. Email and social media are important tools in any business today. But you aren’t in any business, you are in the real estate business. And that means that building relationships is more important for you than possibly any other industry. Part of building those relationships means communicating in a variety of ways that will add a personal touch – not just efficient emails day in and day out.

If the thought of having to keep track of all these others methods of communication makes you nervous, take a deep a breath. A great real estate CRM can help you manage email, phone calls, mailouts, and more. We explain how below.

1. Keep in Touch Call Reminders

Yes, like it or not picking up the phone is still a critical part of building a successful real estate business. People like to feel important enough to merit a phone call, and hearing your voice establishes a much more personal connection. On top of that, it is easier to get more details on a phone call than through an email. A good real estate CRM like IXACT Contact helps you stay on track with making these calls with automated keep in touch call reminders. Simply choose how often you would like to call a contact or Contact Group (say, those A-List clients!) and IXACT Contact will automatically create reminders that are spread evenly throughout the month, quarter, year or whatever time frame works for you.

2. Preferred Method of Correspondence

Your Millennial clients might prefer you to contact them by email only, but a baby boomer client might prefer a phone call or even a letter. You establish a stronger relationship by paying attention to these preferences – and actually respecting them. Trying to remember each contact’s preferred method of correspondence would be an impossible task though – unless you use a great CRM like IXACT Contact. With IXACT Contact, there is a field in each Contact Profile where you can note their preference. Then, you can actually search by that preference when setting up a new email, letter, etc. It keeps your life easy but your relationships personal.

3. Letters & Labels

Once you have started keeping track of how your contacts like to be reached, you need to start reaching them that way! A great real estate CRM will allow you to create letters and labels within it, just as IXACT Contact does. This helps you stay organized and on track, reduces the number of programs you need to be working in, and eases the stress of figuring out what to send thanks to our Letter Templates.

4. Mixed Communication Marketing Campaigns

Drip email campaigns are fantastic when working on nurturing a lead, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore phone calls or not nurture leads who prefer letter correspondence. At IXACT Contact, we provide Marketing Plans that include phone call reminders intermittently and even suggested topics of conversation for that time in the campaign. We also have Letter-Only Marketing Plans, as well as Email and Letter Marketing Plans. You still get everything laid out for you with helpful reminders when you need to do something like make a call, but you will be tailoring your marketing efforts to the preferences of the contact. That means they’ll respond better to what you are sending them, and make them more likely to convert.

Using all of the fantastic digital marketing tools at your disposal as a real estate agent is important – but so is making use of more traditional methods of communication. You’ll build stronger relationships with your contacts, and in turn an even more successful real estate business.Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.