How to Nurture Contacts at Every Stage of the Sales Pipeline

In real estate, your list of contacts will always contain a variety of people at different points in your sales pipeline. Some will be brand new leads, some will be current clients, and others will be clients you have worked with in the past. None should be neglected, no matter where they’re at. We’ve outlined 4 ways to nurture contacts at every stage.

1. Understand Your Database

You need to know where every contact in your database is falling in the sales pipeline in order to know where to focus your efforts and how to proceed with each one. A good real estate CRM will allow you to assign different statuses to every contact you have. With IXACT Contact, those are then fed into your Business Pipeline – a visual snapshot of how many Prospects, Current Clients, Past Clients, and more are in your database at any given moment. As you update a contact’s status, it is reflected in your Business Pipeline.

2. Utilize Lead Nurture Campaigns

Lead nurture campaigns are vital when you get a new lead, as it increases your chances of converting them into a client. They are also important for past clients that might want to move again in the future though. If you speak to a past client and they mention wanting to downsize in a couple of years, you should put them on an appropriate nurture campaign. When they are ready, you’ll be first on their mind. IXACT Contact makes this incredibly easy with 9 pre-written lead nurture campaigns that cover a wide variety of needs and scenarios. You can also auto-assign these as new leads come in, so you’ll never miss a beat.

3. Remember Birthdays & Move-In Anniversaries

It doesn’t matter where a contact is in your sales pipeline – if you have their birth date or move-in anniversary you should be reaching out on those days. It’s a great way to build rapport with new leads, show you don’t miss a single detail with current clients, and demonstrate that you still care with past clients. IXACT Contact not only provides you with a library of e-Cards for these occasions, but they can be sent automatically. Nurturing contacts without even thinking about it? That’s a huge win.

4. Send a Monthly e-Newsletter

Every contact in your sales pipeline is interested in buying or selling a home, regardless of where in the pipeline they are. Sending a monthly e-Newsletter with interesting and helpful content relating to those topics is a wonderful way to nurture contacts. You keep yourself top of mind, demonstrate your expertise, and provide real value. If you don’t feel up to the task of creating an original e-Newsletter every month, don’t worry. IXACT Contact provides an automated done-for-you e-Newsletter with three fresh articles each month. You can choose to customize or not, but either way you’ll have a simple way to nurture contacts without needing to do much extra work.


You know every contact in your database matters, regardless of where they fall in your sales pipeline. Make sure they all feel like it by implementing the above techniques. You’ll see more business coming your way because of it. If you want to keep things really simple, use a great real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.