How a Real Estate CRM Can Help Your Social Media

It’s no secret that being on social media is a must-do for real estate agents in this day and age. Finding the time and learning the skills to make the most of it is not easy in your busy schedule though. So what if your CRM, a tool you are using regularly to run other parts of your business, could also be helping your social media? Well, it can. We share how below.

Social Media

1. Simplifying Content Sharing

If you are creating content for emails or your website, wouldn’t it be great to easily leverage that onto your social media? And, even better, to have your contacts sharing it too? With a great real estate CRM, that can happen. IXACT Contact includes social sharing buttons on provided content such as our monthly e-Newsletters (three fresh articles written for you each month!) or blog posts (we write 2/month for you when you use our agent website!). So, not only do we write the awesome content for you, we make it a breeze for you or your subscribers to quickly share an article or post on social media. Your message will be seen by more people, and your accounts will stay active and fresh without much extra work or planning by you.

2. Utilizing Social Intelligence

Ever wish you could easily see where a contact spends their time online? Or that you put a face to a name? With IXACT Contact, you can. Our Social Intelligence searches all social media channels for accounts that match with a contact’s email addresses, and pulls them into their Contact Profile. You’ll get to see their profile picture, as well as what social channels they are on. You’ll also get helpful information like their LinkedIn or Twitter bios, any work information they have shared, or interests they have. Knowing these details helps you build a more personal relationship and understand their individual needs better.

Social intelligence also helps you to plan your social media efforts more effectively, as you begin to see if most of your contacts are on Facebook or if more are on LinkedIn. If very few people are on Twitter, for example, you don’t have to spend time posting as much content there.

3. Automated Social Media Marketing

It’s important to post regularly on your social media channels, but you won’t always have 7 days’ worth of your own content to share. So you supplement that with great content from other reputable sources. Finding that content is a time-consuming task, never mind posting it. IXACT Contact can help with that too. Social Stream is IXACT Contact’s automated social media marketing tool that allows you to choose topics you like from the top-tier publications you prefer – and automatically post those articles up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week. Think of the time savings! You’ll be posting great content that people will want to read, and you don’t even have to think about it.

Social media is an important tool for your business, but it shouldn’t be a hassle. Use your CRM to help you make the most of your online presence. IXACT Contact goes above and beyond to make social media simple and beneficial for your business. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.