Introducing the Launch of Automated e-Cards!

You asked for it…and WE DELIVERED!

By popular demand, IXACT Contact introduces Automated e-Cards!

IMPORTANT: This new feature is only available in the new user interface! If you are not already using the new user interface, click here to login.

The popular Birthday and Move In Anniversary Keep in Touch events now include the ability to automatically send a personalized e-Card on the date of the event.

You can either use the pre-loaded e-Card templates we provide with your account, modify these to suit your needs, or create your own cards from scratch.

To take advantage of this exciting new feature, simply:

  1. Click on the Keep in Touch tab in the main nav bar.
  2. Open the Birthday and Move In Anniversary event templates in the main Keep in Touch area.
  3. Check the new ‘Auto-send e-Card’ option.
  4. Select the greeting card email template that you want to send.

Upon saving your changes, you’ll have the option to add the automated e-Card option to all of your contacts already assigned to the event.

And, each year you can update your selected e-Card template so you are sending a fresh e-Card design each time.

There is absolutely no cost to send e-Cards, and no limit to the number of contacts you can set up to receive them.

So, go ahead try out this new feature, and let us know what you think.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by calling 1-866-265-6990 or emailing