IXACT Contact – The Best Replacement For Contactually

You may have heard of a recent announcement in real estate news; Compass acquired real estate CRM provider Contactually. This acquisition is raising a lot of red flags with existing Contactually users who are worried about data privacy, the rate of Compass’ technology development, and the potential conflicts of using a CRM owned by a rival company.

Inman reports that Contactually users may not have access to marketing tools as well as access to their data. Users also worry about “Contactually innovations going to Compass products, leaving Contactually users behind.” Worse still, Contactually has not guaranteed existing brokerage contracts beyond the end of the year, leaving brokerages with very little time to find, select, and implement a Contactually alternative.

With a primary competitor now taking the reins, Contactually’s existing clients are growing wary of the fact that their CRM tool may no longer be as easily accessible. Compass may even attempt to recruit agents away from other brokerages using their newly acquired CRM as a source of agent data and leverage.

IXACT Contact to the Rescue

IXACT Contact is the best replacement for Contactually.  IXACT Contact helps agents keep in touch with their Sphere and build relationships just as effectively as Contactually, while offering far more in the way of marketing automation and content.  And we typically charge a lot less at both the agent and brokerage levels.

IXACT Contact is a ‘next generation’ real estate CRM that is truly intuitive and easy to use, while offering a much broader range of real estate functionality and marketing automation.  IXACT Contact includes these stand-out features you won’t find in Contactually:

  • A powerful ‘no limits’ email marketing platform that includes Campaign Reporting.
  • A professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter that’s fully automated.
  • A wide range of automated lead nurture campaigns and templates.
  • The ability to manage all your Active Business.
  • Goal setting and performance tracking.
  • A customizable dashboard that makes it easy to manage all aspects of your business.
  • Automated social media marketing and professional agent websites.
  • A unique Setup Wizard and Concierge service to get you up and running right away.

IXACT Contact’s mission is quite simply to provide THE best real estate CRM that helps you grow your business while being better organized, getting more done in less time, and feeling more confident and excited about your business than ever before!

For brokerages, the search for the best Contactually replacement is particularly urgent.  IXACT Contact is the strategic CRM partner for hundreds of brokerages across North America, and we have no intention of selling to your competition – ever.

BROKERS:  Take back control!  Let’s talk about how IXACT Contact can help your brokerage move off Contactually ASAP.  1.866.665.0018 or info@ixactcontact.com.

AGENTS: Give us a try…start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.