New Real Estate Marketing Ideas

cropped24As a real estate agent, you live and breathe marketing, even if you don’t realize it!  When you are the face of your brand, everything you do leads back to marketing and your business can’t flourish without it.  Though you have your tried and true methods for promoting your real estate business, it’s worthwhile to add some fresh ideas into the mix.

There are new marketing ideas and untapped resources around every corner.  Some ideas are a little quirky and may not suit everyone’s brand, but considering them is a good way to start thinking outside the box.  There are many reliable real estate marketing techniques to cater to all different tastes. Check out these fresh ideas for marketing your real estate business.

Get creative with swag.

Have you been giving out refrigerator magnets for years?  Maybe it’s time to try branded USB keys, reusable shopping bags, or even branded can openers.  Get creative with the little gifts you give to prospects.  The important thing is that they have your name and contact information, but extra points if you can make the recipient smile.  Find a reasonable vendor and calculate the ROI on purchasing branded real estate swag in bulk.

Develop a style that’s uniquely you.

Want to get noticed around town?  Choose a signature style or item that you can incorporate into your day that will help you get recognized.  Maybe it’s the hat you wear, or the unique color or flag on your car, or perhaps you always wear a neon tie or scarf.  A distinctive style that’s unique to you will help you get noticed and remembered.

Share your testimonials.

Your real estate prospects care about what others have to say about you.  Incorporating testimonials from happy past clients is powerful social proof that goes a long way. Gathering testimonials is easier than you’d think, just ask your past clients to write a couple of sentences about their experience with you as their Agent.  Add testimonials to your website, share them on social media, and include them in the emails you send.

Host a seminar with flair.

Hosting a seminar for first time buyers is not a new tactic, but there are fresh ways you could approach it.  Try to make your marketing events feel special by hosting them in unique local venues, serving wine and cheese and having a live band perform.  Develop a reputation in your community for hosting excellent events and your attendance will soar! It’s a fun way to gather fresh leads.  It’s wise to have guests RSVP to your event so you know who to expect.

Remember to embrace the basics.

Creative marketing ideas are a lot of fun, but it’s important to have a solid foundation to build them on.  An Agent’s marketing toolkit should include staying in touch via drip email campaigns, monthly e-Newsletters, and just listed/ just sold e-flyers.  Email is crucial to staying top of mind with your prospects, and the ROI can’t be beat!