Make a Lasting Impression at Listing Appointments

croped35Today I’m sharing a post with you from Heather Sittig Jackson on Inman.  Listing appointments are an important part of your life as an Agent, and I love Heather’s tips on how to make a lasting impression at these important presentations.

Heather writes:

Making a great impression at a listing appointment isn’t just about sharing your successful track record and providing a thoughtful comparable analysis. It’s also about showing the seller that you are an expert whom they can rely on to make their sale as fruitful and stress-free as possible.

The following five foolproof steps will ensure you put your best foot forward at your next listing appointment:

1. Demonstrate that you are considerate.

When the seller answers the door, say hello and offer to remove your shoes. Immediately the seller will be impressed by how respectful you are. It is important to be prepared to take your shoes off.  Don’t wear boots and make sure your toes are in socks or freshly pedicured — men and women alike.

2. Take the lead.

Once you are in their entryway, often the seller isn’t sure what to do next. Show them you are a pro by suggesting they give you a tour of the house after which you will sit down and come up with a plan of action.

While you are touring the home, take notes on paper. You might have a mind like a steel trap, but nobody knows this. If you take notes on paper, it further demonstrates you are on top of things.

3. Be attentive.

As you tour the home, make genuine compliments about personal items in the home. For example, if you see an original painting, ask about its origins. If it is attractive, suggest they might use it in the staging.

4. Provide value.

If you see a less-than-desirable feature of the property, don’t ignore it — point it out, and then provide a solution. This maneuver will demonstrate that you are a problem-solver, and the seller will know you can resolve the things that secretly make them nervous.

For example, you might say something like, “Last year I had a listing that also had a small room painted navy blue. We painted it a neutral linen color, and it totally opened up. I think that would make a big difference here.”

5. Provide a plan of action.

After your tour, sit down with the seller and write down dates for inspections, tours, open houses and even offers if the market warrants it.

Give a copy of this plan to the sellers before leaving. Tell them you will call within two days to confirm the listing price and to schedule inspections. When you leave, they will know they found the right listing agent.

It isn’t hard to make a great first impression when you have your own plan of action. Talking about yourself and your accomplishments is easy, but demonstrating you are present and aware while providing value and solutions will set you apart from your peers.

IXACT Contact Tip:

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