Overcoming a Common Real Estate Objection

Does this sound familiar, “I can’t move right now.  I don’t have any place to go.” It’s a common real estate objection that you have likely heard from sellers. In this video, real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith outlines a four step plan for how you can overcome this common real estate objection.

Step 1: Let them know you understand their dilemma. But ask them, “if you knew it was going to cost you more money to wait, what would you do?”

Step 2: Remind them that the market will soon be flooded with more homes, which means prices will be driven down and their potential sell price will be lower.

Step 3: Explain the option of negotiating a longer closing date, giving them more time to find their next home.

Step 4: This gives you client the opportunity to “sell high and buy low!”

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