How to Achieve Happiness in Real Estate

happiness in real estateToday I’m happy to share an inspiring blog post by Brian McKenna that originally appeared on Inman. I really like the steps Brian outlines on how to find happiness as a real estate agent. Do any of these tips work for you?

Brian writes:

Champions train. Losers complain. Are you stuck in a loop of problem identification — unable or unwilling to shift into a problem-solution mode? If so, you’re not alone, and there is hope. Here are five steps to help you find happiness in real estate.

Step 1: Decide

Do you want to remain stuck? This is no joke. Some people are much more comfortable in complaint mode. “Complaint mode” is all about finger-pointing; misery loves company and deflection. If you prefer to get unstuck, move to step 2.

Step 2: Develop an attitude of gratitude

Commit today to increasing your focus on what is working. Schedule two quiet times during your work day where you identify in writing things in your personal and professional lives that are going well.

These can be minor things that seem barely significant at the moment. That’s OK! You’re building a habit of appreciation.

Step 3: Seek a mentor (or two)

Who has what you want? Who is productive and positive in your professional setting? It’s key that the person you approach remains consistently “above the fray.”

He or she shouldn’t waste time and energy gossiping, tearing down competition — whether inside or outside the company — or playing the victim. Simply ask that this person becomes a work friend, who’s available to lend an ear and occasional guidance.

Step 4: Clean up your side of the street

What little things can you do right away to declutter your professional life? What can you improve today? Are there loose ends? Are there center of influence people who are due a call?

Are there issues or functions in your office or company that could improve based on your constructive involvement?

Step 5: Purge your environment of the chronically miserable

The people you spend the most time with, professionally and personally, have the greatest influence on your outlook, attitude, health and happiness. Make sure these people are good for you and you for them. One of the very best ways to make significant change fast is to upgrade your “buds.”

Improving your life starts with choices that you make about you. The steps are simple. The heavy lifting isn’t easy, but your professional health and success depend on it. You’re worth it, right?

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