5 Great Sales Tips from Steve Jobs

cropped12Here are 5 great Sales Tips from Steve Jobs that I know you will enjoy:
1. Do not compete on price compete on value… Consider the way retailers like Costco operates. Almost everything is discounted from the competition. Their televisions are sold primarily based on price. Very few purchasers spend time checking out the various features offered by the manufacturers – the lowest price is the main buying criteria. Now translate that concept into you having a listing agreement signed at full commission. When you show extra value, your Seller will be happy to pay you more because you’re going to get them more. It is critical that you show them how you’re going to do that. Your listing presentation must demonstrate that extra value and equally importantly… that your presentation must be entertaining, compelling, and full of conviction. This is definitely not the time to “wing it”.
2. People do not know what they want until you show it to them (Steve was a master at introducing new ideas that everybody decided they needed)…
make sure that the value you bring demonstrates how current you are with what works today. A couple of interesting examples here… A) For your Sellers — Open Houses are much more effective now than they were five years ago. This is due to the fact that Buyers are much now more actively searching the Internet. This is obviously not a new idea but it is one that should be resurrected. B) For your Buyers – with there being such a shortage of inventory right now, doorknocking the neighborhood your Buyers are interested in can be amazingly productive (and profitable). Make sure when you are asking for the Buyers Agency Agreement signature, you are pointing out that this is the type of “above and beyond” approach you will be taking. It will open their eyes as to how serious you are about helping them find exactly what they want.

3. Capitalize on your strengths it’s what sets you apart…
success in selling real estate is often based around your ability to “connect with people and create relationships”. Chances are you wouldn’t be where you are today without already possessing these skills. These relationships result in long-term loyalty and show up in the form of repeat business and referral business. So how do you “capitalize on these strengths”? Clearly you need to have an ongoing follow-up with your past clients and your centers of influence to remind them that you are there when they need you. They need to think of you as their “go to person” when it comes to buying and selling houses. This is where your database follow-up using IXACT Contact can serve you immeasurably well. So…#1. Make sure all names are entered into the database (it is critical that this list is current and up-to-date) and #2. Make sure that every name has a follow-up date for your next contact (personal or mail or e-mail). Systems make things easier and IXACT does offer a great system.

4. Create a Buying Experience for your Customer – make it memorable before AND after the sale.
This isn’t  about providing them with an exciting closing gift. Surveys have shown that most closing gifts are forgotten within about 30 days. More importantly, it’s providing them with added value information and services throughout the ensuing months and years. One example is to offer a solid list of Service Providers to help them maintain the value of their new home. Another example is you keeping them informed about market activity in the area. This can be done through periodic phone calls and/or scheduled market updates.

5. Do not fear failure…
all you have to do is read Walter Isaacson’s book “Steve Jobs” to be reminded that Steve went through a tremendous number of failures in his life. His mantra was to never give up. Mr. Jobs said over and over that if he hadn’t gone through those various failures he would never have made the breakthroughs enjoyed with Apple and Pixar. For your business, as difficult as it may seem at times… you need to welcome failure. It will help you grow much faster.  As Vince Lombardi was famous for saying… “It’s not whether or not you get knocked down, it’s not even whether or not you get up… it’s all about how fast you get up.”  Treat failure as a gift, take a deep breath and move forward. You will always be better for the experience.

Each one of these could be a one-hour Seminar. When you think about them on an individual basis there is a wealth of wisdom in each tip.
Look at #1 for starters. I know you pay special attention to this one already. People that CAN’T SELL cut the price. People that CAN SELL earn more than the competition. They show why what they do is so important and then go out and earn that money. Be confident – you have great value to offer. The key in selling is to make sure your customers understand that (courtesy of tip #3). NO Excuses.

“Just one more way to help make you better.” Bruce Keith

Bruce Keith is a leading motivational speaker and trainer, specializing in real estate sales. He has been a top Coach, helping thousands of Salespeople for over 15 years. You can check out his new membership program, the “Real Estate Insiders Club” at www.BruceKeithresults.com