How to Get the Most from Your Real Estate CRM

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Most real estate professionals understand the importance of staying organized and keeping in touch. But some busy agents don’t prioritize a real estate CRM, either putting off choosing one, or having one and not leveraging its power. If you have a real estate CRM but aren’t using it to its fullest, this article is for […]

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5 Mistakes that Ruin Real Estate Relationships Before They Start

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we often discuss the importance of building meaningful real estate relationships, establishing your Sphere of Influence and staying in touch with your past clients.  Repeat and referral business are so valuable and achieved through what? You guessed it: relationships. Building quality relationships comes naturally to some people, but for many […]

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4 Email Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

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Most real estate agents understand the need for effective email marketing, but some struggle with creating the right messages. Others make the mistake of saturating their audience with too many emails, which leads to opt-outs, spam flags and poor open rates. Here’s 4 common email marketing mistakes for real estate agents to avoid! 1. Sending […]

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The Ultimate Agent Resources for Getting More Organized

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Have you ever reflected on how much being organized impacts your life and your career as an Agent? According to Newsweek, The average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things they own but can’t find.  Can you think of better ways to spend an hour a day? I certainly can! Getting and staying […]

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Daily Affirmations for Real Estate Top Producers


Today I’m sharing a blog with you from Morris Marketing Group.  It’s always good to remember to think positive, especially as an Agent.  Learn more about daily affirmations: Sales icon and legendary speaker Zig Ziglar said: “No One Ever Built a Monument to a Critic.” Too often, real estate agents get caught up in the […]

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5 Great Sales Tips from Steve Jobs


Here are 5 great Sales Tips from Steve Jobs that I know you will enjoy:   1. Do not compete on price – compete on value… Consider the way retailers like Costco operates. Almost everything is discounted from the competition. Their televisions are sold primarily based on price. Very few purchasers spend time checking out […]

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