Take Vacation, Keep Your Business on Track

As a busy real estate agent, you don’t work regular office hours. You don’t have weekends off. And the idea of taking a vacation can seem like an impossibility. What would happen to your business while you’re gone? Well, if you have things automated, your business could move along normally while you get a much-needed break. We share how to do it below.

Automate Your Lead Capture

If you’ve got dozens of leads coming in every week, trying to catch up with them manually after a week off is a task no one wants to take on. But instead of just not going on that vacation, set your lead capture up to be automatic! With IXACT Contact, you can integrate with lead generation sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Fivestreet as well as with your website and Facebook. So no matter where your leads are coming from, they are automatically being put into your database for you to follow up with upon your return.

Set Up Email Drip Campaigns

If you go away on vacation, your communication stops with your contacts, right? Wrong! If you assign contacts to appropriate drip email campaigns as they come in, they will receive regular and relevant communication from you – even when you are away on vacation. You’ll be staying top of mind with prospects and past clients, without lifting a finger while you’re away. IXACT Contact has many pre-written campaigns you can utilize, making this even easier. With any luck, you’ll actually come home to some prospects ready to become clients!

Automate Your Social Media

When on vacation, you only want to be on social media to post pictures of the fun things you are doing, not for business. But you know you still need to be active on your business pages, so what do you do? Automate it! This can include using a social media scheduler to write some original posts in advance, but if you don’t have time for that there is still an answer. IXACT Contact’s Social Stream allows you to set a schedule for social media posts to go out up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week, from some of the top publications in North America. So even while you’re gone, your accounts can have new articles from publishers like Better Home & Garden, Martha Stewart, and Forbes being posted. Plus Social Stream offers lead capture from its posts, so it is doing double duty even when you are off duty.


While no one can replace you, a little automation can help you to step away from you business for a vacation. You’ll come back feeling energized and better able to take on your busy schedule, and you won’t have a mountain of extra work to deal with. So claim your free time! Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.