Top Holiday Tips for Real Estate Agents

holidaysHoliday season is in full swing. It’s a time for celebrations, traditions, and time with loved ones. But what happens to your real estate business between all your shopping and party prep? Does work fall by the wayside when you’re in holiday mode? If so, you’re not alone. Today I’m sharing with you my favorite holiday tips for real estate agents to make the season as stressfee and productive as possible.

  1. Prep holiday marekting early and check often.

    Do you have certain tactics you want to employ during the holidays to keep yourself top of mind among prospects and past clients? Here’s a list of new ideas you can use. Just make sure you’re planning your strategy early enough so you’re not rushing to get the materials you need at the last minute. Start as early as you can, and check your calendar regularly. It’s all too easy to forget things when you have a lot on the go!

  2. Be flexible with working hours if needed.

    Normally, your contacts might be most available after traditional work hours. This might change during the holidays because many people have gift shopping, family gatherings and cooking to do during that time. Be open to changing your working hours to best complement what works for your clients and prospects. If you prepare in advance for this shift in your real estate working hours, your time will be better managed come the holidays.

  3. Make organization a priority.

    For most of us, December is a slow month in real estate sales. If things have slowed down a bit, now is the perfect time to get organized on your end. Maybe that means preparing your budget, considering your social media strategy or cleaning up your list of contacts. It’s also a great time to consider what real estate contact management tools would work for you and learn how to get started with them for the New Year.

  4. Get creative about keeping in touch with contacts.

    Is there any better time to reach out with well wishes than the holiday season? No matter what holiday your contact celebrates, reach out with warm wishes. It’s a thoughtful way to keep in touch. There are a few different ways you can send holiday greetings. Use the mass email feature in your real estate CRM to send out a message to everyone on your list, send cards in the mail, perhaps you’ll even drop off gifts to your A list clients. Here’s a list of gift ideas to help inspire you.

  5. Use this slow time to sharpen yourself for the upcoming year.

    Anything you do to improve yourself may also help improve your business. It’s important to manage your time in a way that keeps you proactive and productive, but also keeps you from experiencing burnout. Take a moment this time of year to take a step back, look at all you’ve accomplished and pat yourself on the back. Spend time with loved ones. Read a good book. Do whatever you can to strengthen your mind and it will surely help strengthen your real estate business come the New Year.

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