3 Steps to Convert More Leads

You’ve got multiple sources of lead generation, and every day you have plenty of new leads showing up in your database (assuming you have automated lead capture). The trouble is now ALL they are doing is sitting in your database. If your leads aren’t converting into clients, then the time and money you spend generating them is wasted. So what do you do? Take these three steps to convert more leads.

1. Build Trust

To many of the leads you have captured, you are simply a name behind a listing. They know next to nothing about you, so why should they trust you with one of the most important transactions in their lives? You have to build that trust in order to convert leads. How do you do this? Start with sharing your knowledge! Start by assigning all new leads to an appropriate email drip campaign. This way, they’ll be receiving regular, relevant communication from you that demonstrates your knowledge and how you can meet their needs. IXACT Contact offers 9 different pre-written email drip campaigns that you can assign to new leads right away.

For longer term leads, a monthly e-Newsletter is a great way to show off your expertise. IXACT Contact keeps this simple by providing you with a done-for-you, automated e-Newsletter that you can send out with fresh articles each month. You’ll impress them with your knowledge, while also reminding them of who you are and what you have to offer.


2. Personalize & Target

If you want to convert more leads you need to complement your email efforts with picking up the phone. Having a one-on-one conversation with a lead will give you a lot more information about them and help you to leave a lasting impression. When you use IXACT Contact, you can track all of the information you glean in a call in the Notes section of the lead’s Contact Profile. This means the next time you call, you’ll be even more prepared to ask personal, relevant questions of them. This information can also help you to target the interests of your different leads, and send them appropriate content going forward. IXACT Contact not only reminds you when it’s time to give each lead a call, but you can also sort leads that share similar needs and interests into Groups.


3. Reach Them Everywhere

For the best odds at converting leads, round out your emails and phone calls with other approaches. How? Social media! When you post regularly on social media you not only continue to build trust (see step 1) but also reach people who might be looking for you there. IXACT Contact’s Social Stream keeps you active on all of your social accounts even when you are busy. You can use it to schedule posts from top tier publications up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week. You’ll be reaching your leads from a multitude of platforms, and this will make you stick in their memory and encourage them to become clients.


Don’t let your leads languish in your database. Instead, take these 3 simple steps and start converting more leads. They aren’t difficult, but you’ll see a big change in your conversion rates when you take them. IXACT Contact makes it even easier to do all of these things with our easy to use system. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.