3 Steps to Maintain a Healthy Contact Database

As the weather gets colder and the number of homes being bought or sold slows down, it is an ideal time to check out the health of your contact database. Maintaining a healthy contact database is crucial to the success of your real estate business. Cleaning things up at the end of the year sets you up to make the next one even more successful. So grab a hot drink, get cozy with your computer, and take these 3 steps to maintain your healthy contact database.

1. Check Contact Information

As time goes by, you accumulate dozens of contacts. Those contacts are extremely valuable – if you can get in touch with them. Now is the time to go through your contacts and see if any of them are missing a phone number, email, or even both. Using IXACT Contact, you can easily pull up a list of all of your contacts and quickly scan this to see if any of them are missing a phone number or email address. If they are, decide right then and there if you are going to reach out to them and get the missing information, or if this is a contact you can remove from your database. This will help keep your contact database healthy and up to date, and bring you more business.

2. Update Contact Details

As you sort through your list of contacts, you will likely remember small details about many of them. This is a great opportunity to add in details like birthdays, spouse names, work information, or any other notes you could find useful. These details will help you to build stronger relationships with these contacts, without having to keep everything straight in your head. IXACT Contact makes this especially simple by allowing you to add a Quick Note to a contact no matter where you are in the system. Our rich Contact Profiles also allow you to document many of these details which can later be used to automate some important marketing pieces. A great example of this is inputting birthdays and move-in anniversaries – and then sending an automated e-Card on those days with IXACT Contact. These small details make your contact database more useful and in turn, much healthier.

At the same time, use this opportunity to sort your contacts into appropriate groups in IXACT Contact based on the details and notes you have made. This will make it easier for you to ensure you are sending items like mass emails to the appropriate contacts and the appropriate times.

3. Check Recent Communication

The odds are good that you are in regular communication with any current clients – but what about every other contact in your database? Now that you have updated everyone’s contact information, start reaching out! Using IXACT Contact, you can set automated Keep in Touch Call Reminders so you don’t fall behind with a group of contacts again. You can also take this opportunity to send out a holiday e-Card from IXACT Contact’s library. You’ll be warming up the relationship in a simple way, and staying on track from here on out. That is exactly how a healthy contact database should work. And the best part? It doesn’t take you a lot of effort when you use a great real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact.


Just because you are in the slow season for your business doesn’t mean you can’t still be working to make it as successful as possible. Taking these three steps in maintaining your healthy contact database is a worthwhile endeavor that you will reap the benefits of year-round. And with the help of IXACT Contact, you can get these steps done quickly and easily. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.