3 Ways Your Business Needs to be Mobile-Friendly

We live in the age of smartphones and myriad mobile devices, but is your real estate business keeping up? Various aspects of your business need to be mobile-friendly, for you AND your clients. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be complicated to get on track. We outline 3 simple ways to make your business more mobile-friendly.

1. Have Your Database Available on Mobile

As a real estate agent, you aren’t sitting at your computer all day. In fact, you probably aren’t at your computer even half your day! So does that mean you shouldn’t have access to your database and important contact information when you are out in the field? Absolutely not! Your CRM should be mobile-friendly so that you always have the information you need easily accessible. At IXACT Contact we offer a Mobile App so you can not only have access to the information you need, but it is easy to navigate. You’ll never be caught without the knowledge you need again!

2. Have a Mobile Responsive Website

More and more people are using their smartphones to browse for real estate and look for agents. Is your website equipped to give them a great experience? If a potential customer has to “pinch and zoom” in order to read your website on mobile, they aren’t going to stay long. Instead, your website needs to adjust automatically to the mobile browser. This is called responsive design. With IXACT Contact, your free agent website is automatically set up to be mobile responsive. It requires no extra work, but will bring in a lot of extra business!

3. Have a Mobile-Friendly e-Newsletter

In addition to doing internet searches on their phones, more people are checking their email on them than ever before. An average plain text email might not be too bad to view in a browser, but you don’t want your beautifully designed e-Newsletters to get distorted and lose their impact. When you use IXACT Contact’s monthly e-Newsletters, they’ll appear just as beautifully on mobile as on a desktop. So no matter where your contacts are reading it, they’ll just see the great information rather than feel any annoyance and having to pinch, scroll, or zoom.


While it is vital to make your real estate business mobile-friendly, it doesn’t have to be complicated. A few small changes and you’ll be keeping up with the needs of your contacts better than ever. And with IXACT Contact, making these changes is even easier. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.