How to Understand Your Contacts Better

You’ve got hundreds, maybe thousands, of contacts in your database. You put a lot of time and energy into gaining all of them, and now you want to make sure you are really understanding all of them. This can be difficult to do on your own, but with the help of a real estate CRM like IXACT Contact, it becomes a breeze. We explain how to better understand your contacts.


Keep Track of Contact Details

Knowing things like the name of your contact’s spouse, how many referrals they have sent you, and their property details allows you to make smarter choices and build stronger relationships. But you can’t be expected to just keep all of that information in your head! Instead, use a real estate CRM that will track that information so that you can easily call it up anytime you need to reach out to a contact. IXACT Contact makes all of this simple, with a rich contact profile that includes any personal information you may have, contact referral history, property and mortgage details, birthday and move-in anniversary, and yes, even spouse name and birthday. On top of that, IXACT Contact allows you to keep a Communication History (including email) and has Social Media Intelligence so you can see a contact’s picture and connect with them through more channels.


Utilize a Business Pipeline

Having hundreds of contacts but not knowing the status of each of them limits your ability to know where you need to focus in order to grow your business. Do you have 70% hot leads, or 70% past clients? Should you be spending more time working on getting referral business, or getting your name out in front of possible prospects? It’s impossible to know unless you have a system in place. IXACT Contact’s Business Pipeline can be that system. All you have to do is assign contacts a status, and then you will be able to see a quick snapshot of how many Hot Leads, Long-Term Prospects, Past Clients, and more, that you have at any given time. This allows you monitor the health of your business and easily see areas for improvement without you having to manually calculate the exact numbers. You’ll understand your contacts, and your business, so much better because of it.


Pay Attention to Email Campaign Reporting

You know email marketing is important, and you send a variety of campaigns out on a regular basis. You’ve got everything from a monthly e-Newsletter to Just Listed communications, and they all look great. But could they be helping you to understand your contacts better? They sure could, if you have Email Campaign Reporting available like IXACT Contact does. With campaign reporting, you can not only see how many people opened and clicked on your emails, but who was doing it. If a particular contact clicked on a link in your Just Listed email multiple times, the odds are pretty good they (or someone they know) are interested in the property. Now you can reach out to them directly about it! You can also see if a contact has many opens, and that may be an indication that they forwarded your email to other people they know. What does this teach you? They could be an untapped referral source! So don’t ignore those important campaign reporting statistics – they can be the key to having a better understanding of your contacts and building an even stronger business.


You’ve put in the work to earn all of the contacts in your database, so make sure you are understanding them too! It will help you to build a more successful business, and with the right real estate CRM it doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.