3 Ways to Get Started with a Real Estate CRM

You’ve taken the advice of various coaches, trainers, and colleagues and gotten yourself a real estate CRM. It’s a great move, but figuring out where to start in using it can be daunting. Thankfully, there are three key areas to begin with that get you on the right track to improving your business.

1. Set Up Automated Reminders

Once you’ve got your contacts loaded into your database, the best place to start is setting up automated reminders. If you do this once at the beginning, you’ll make your life easier and your business better going forward. IXACT Contact offers automated Keep in Touch Reminders as well as automated Birthday and Move-in Anniversary reminders. Even better, you can mass assign these reminders so you don’t have to manually enter them for each contact you have.

2. Set Your Goals

The earlier you set your business goals, the greater your chances are of actually achieving them. IXACT Contact features a Goal Setting & Tracking module that will help you to set your goals for the year, as well as track how well you are doing toward achieving them. You can set income, listing, database building, or even keep in touch goals in our simple wizard. Then as you move forward you’ll be able to see what targets you should hit each week. Set those goals from the get-go to help drive you to a more successful real estate business.

3. Set Up Email Marketing

When you get busy, it is almost guaranteed that one of the things that will get dropped is your email marketing. So why not avoid that by getting things automated early on? With IXACT Contact, you can set up your monthly done-for-you e-Newsletter on day one, and never have to touch it again if you don’t want to. This way your contacts will receive regular content from you right from the start, and even when you get busy. You should also set up email drip campaigns for the applicable contacts when you start in your real estate CRM. This way you will be nurturing prospects and past clients early on, bringing you more business.

Congratulate yourself for taking the important step of getting a real estate CRM, and then take these next small steps to make it work for you. They won’t take you much time and the reward for your business will be huge. IXACT Contact makes it all even easier with our Concierge Setup Service and easy to use system. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.