5 Reasons Why a Cloud-Based Agent CRM is The Way to Go

Why a cloud-based Agent CRM is the best option for youShould you use a Agent CRM “in the cloud” or are you better off sticking with a standalone system?  This blog post will explain why a cloud-based Agent CRM is your best option.

A cloud-based system, also known as “web-based,” is one that you access through the internet. A standalone system on the other hand is one you download on your computer (to your computer’s hard drive).

Here’s why you should be using an Agent CRM on the cloud (one that’s hosted online):

1. You don’t have to worry about losing your data to viruses or computer crashes. When you use a web-based system, all your data gets stored on secure data centers with very highly advanced security and privacy protection – security far more developed then what you could ever have on your PC. Moreover, when your system is cloud-based, it’s often backed up on a daily basis or even several times a day.

2. Better long-term investment. Although cloud-based Agent CRMs involve an ongoing monthly fee (versus a one-time charge), you’re saving money in the long-term because product upgrades and customer support is often included. With standalone real estate software, there are typically hefty fees you have to pay each time you call Customer Support or download the latest upgrade/ version of the software.

3. Less risk. You’re never 100% sure a system is right for you before you actually try it. And if one, two, or five months down the road you find the Agent CRM you chose is not ideal for you, you’re out hundreds of dollars if you purchased standalone real estate software. With cloud-based CRMs, a small monthly subscription fee is involved (no large upfront cost) so you pay as you go. With these web-based systems, you can usually cancel at any time.

4. Greater accessibility. If you use standalone real estate software – one that you’ve downloaded to your computer – you need to be on that computer every time you’d like to access your database. On the other hand, a web-based system means you’re not tied to any one computer but instead can access your database from any PC, Mac, or tablet/ iPad with an internet connection. For Agents, this is especially important.

5. Nothing to install. You don’t have to worry about a large system taking up space on your computer’s hard drive. You also don’t have to spend the hours it often takes installing or setting up a new program on your PC.

Which reason listed above is most important to you? Leave a comment below!

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