5 Tips for Effective Real Estate Email Subject Lines

real estate marketingIf your real estate email campaign isn’t opening doors, it might be because your subject lines are not opening messages. And while there isn’t a universal solution for email subject lines, there are some tried-and-true strategies that can improve your open rates. Here are 5 tips for creating effective email subject lines that will help your email campaigns to perform better:

1. Subject lines should be short and sweet.

Ideally, your email subject line should have fewer than 10 words, and fewer than 40 characters. Keep in mind that email subject lines are condensed on mobile devices, so less is more

2. Subject lines should provide an accurate preview of the email message.

Truth-in-marketing counts here! If your subject line is, “3 big questions a home buyer must ask,” then make sure your message supplies the promised info.

3. Subject lines should be relevant to your readers.

Know your database, organize your campaigns around specific audience types, and write your messaging accordingly. When in doubt, deliver local info of universal interest to both buyers and sellers; things like market updates, community happenings, decorating tips, ect.

4. Subject lines should convey some urgency or importance.

Keep it upbeat – but nudge the reader to open your message now. Try subject lines like, “Boston home values changed today,” or “The latest news for Boston home sellers!”

5. A good subject line should be approached like a headline.

Think about keywords, local market relevance, and reader engagement. Keywords will make your message easier to find if the recipient searches for it in the future.

Local market relevance and reader engagement should be standard objectives. You email message shouldn’t be a mere advertisement – it should offer something of value for the reader’s time. Be a resource!

Effective email subject lines include “how-to” topics, such as, “How to sell your Chicago home in 30 days.” Subject lines with numbers also remain popular, because the use of numbers create reader curiosity. Try something like, “5 ways to draw buyers to your door.”

Experiment with email subject lines to see what is most effective for your audience. And when it comes to using a real estate CRM, leave nothing to chance. Choose a Real estate CRM like IXACT Contact that gives you the power to customize your own email subject lines.  Whether you’re sending a mass email, drip email campaigns, just listed/ just sold e-flyers, make sure your subject line inspires your recipient to click on the message.  From database management to targeted campaigns, IXACT Contact offers versatility and high-tech features, all in an easy-to-use platform. Sign up today for the free 5-week trial!

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