6 Must-Do Organization Tips for Busy Agents

cropped22Does it feel like you have no time? Are you busy showing properties, talking to clients and closing sales – so busy that your work space is growing more chaotic by the minute? This is bound to happen if organization falls to the bottom of your priority list. With the right tips, however, you can stay 100% organized and in control of your business.

Follow some of these steps below to clutter-proof your real estate career:

  1. Schedule and set reminders for meetings, appointments and calls. This is a best practice to stay in touch with your best clients on a regular basis.  Use automated call reminders, like those in IXACT Contact, to help you stay on top of your keep-in-touch phone calls.
  2. Use a real estate CRM. The right real estate CRM helps Agents to store and organize important contacts, tasks and transactions. Your CRM will take most of the work of staying organized off your plate, so you can spend your time focusing on selling properties.
  3. Keep in touch with clients by using a drip marketing campaign.  A drip email campaign is a series of pre-written email messages sent automatically over time.  Drip emails are written for specific audiences such as buyer leads, seller leads, renters, FSBOs, etc., and are an amazingly efficient way of keeping in touch with both hot leads and longer term prospects.  They save you from having to painstakingly type and send every email to each individual contact.
  4. Go digital. If you have piles of paperwork on your desk, it’s easy to get frustrated – you’ll have trouble finding anything quickly. Instead, keep files like attorney’s paperwork, home inspection reports, disclosures and other forms in a digital format, and print them when needed. This will save you time, stress and money.  If IXACT Contact is your CRM, you have unlimited document upload and storage at your fingertips!
  5. Make a list of everything you want to do. Ask yourself, “is this urgent or is this important?” Follow that question by giving each item by priority. Tackle the high priority items first. Use reminders in your real estate CRM to help you stay on top of your tasks and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  6. Track your communication history. Before you call a client, check your records of previous communications so you remember what you spoke to them about last. Rich contact profiles in your CRM will help you remember details about your client to make conversation easier and build rapport.

If you want to keep your sanity and have a successful career, organization is key. Don’t become overwhelmed by clutter, forgetfulness and tasks that take longer than they should. Use the tips above to organize your real estate activities, stay on track and become the top-notch real estate professional you want to be.