Agents Only Get 12 Leads a Year

Get more leads with a CRM solutionThis is a great article by Victor Lund of the WAV Group.  Some in the industry obsess about web leads and online marketing. Others know a little bit about it and are worried that they should be doing more. The takeaway from this article is that, as Lund so rightly puts it, “…Nobody should build a business plan around building a successful real estate business based on online leads and lead conversion. Companies should be built around CRM solutions that keep real estate agents focused on customer list building, customer relationship building, and direct marketing.”

Focus on relationship building and your real estate email marketing and you might be better off. Lund will explain why in the article.

Enjoy the article:

Returning from the Real Estate Connect Conference (aka Inman NYC), you would think that any agent or broker who is not 100% dedicated to cultivating the online customer is doomed. Yet surprisingly, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, if you read between the lines of a recent press release from Realogy, the global leader in size for a real estate group, your take away might be that online marketing and lead generation is a complete distraction and waste of time and money.

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