Find more Qualified Leads with these 3 Tips

Generating quality leads is a topic that’s almost always on the minds of real

estate agents. Today, we are sharing a post that originally appeared on RISMedia. In the post, you are shown three actionable ways real estate agents can create a stream of leads to keep business flowing year round.

It writes:

Agents’ ability to generate new leads and convert prospects to clients is the driving force that helps them excel. A solid lead generation program is the most important factor in increasing your marketing power and converting potential clients into happy customers.

However, leads don’t grow on trees, and many agents have trouble either creating a steady stream of leads or finding qualified ones. Seasoned real estate agents know that the way you attract and nurture prospects has a strong effect on whether you are able to convert a lead into a client. Here are three lead generation techniques that can help you create more qualified connections.

1. Offer resources for each stage of the buying or selling process.

Some of your website visitors will be ready to make a commitment, but many others will still be in the dreaming or research phases. This is why it’s important to have a variety of resources available on your website.

There’s no guide or checklist that will fit each of your prospects’ needs, but you can offer valuable content to meet varying goals. The first thing to consider is your niche. Do you focus on first-time homebuyers, empty-nesters looking to downsize, or luxury homes? Tailor your content to fit these needs. For example, if you work exclusively with first-time buyers, this House-Hunting Checklist may be just what these buyers need. However, if they’re further into the process, this Homebuyer Mortgage Checklist might be a better fit. If you want a resource that can fit a niche at any stage, with the holidays around the corner, this Home for the Holidays Handbook is perfect. Remember to personalize each of these pieces so clients and prospects think of you each time they see them.

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2. Use blogs or FAQs to generate leads.

Your blog creates the perfect opportunity to connect with new clients, but you need to use it effectively to get the most out of it. The same can be said of your FAQ page, if you don’t have a full blog. Most of the time, prospects visit these pages because they’re looking for an answer—this could be a question about investing in home improvement before selling or whether staging really is necessary. Consider the kinds of questions past or current clients have asked you, then tailor your content to fit their needs. Include a call-to-action in everything you publish to make it easy for potential clients to see the next step you want them to take.

Another key point is making sure your content is sharable. When readers share your blog content on their own pages (usually on social media), they’re not just promoting your content; they’re promoting you. According to Entrepreneur, “People are more likely to share content that will help define themselves to others, while 68 percent of people share to show who they are and what they care about.” If you’re creating content that certain groups can use to define themselves, they are more likely to share it. This, in turn, will drive their followers back to your page, generating leads for you.

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3. Drive traffic from your social pages.

Once you have visitors on your social pages, you need to capture their information to turn them into a lead. Design your social media posts to drive traffic back to your website. Put a few of your listings’ best photos up along with a limited listing description and a tag to catch their interest, such as “Recently Reduced,” “New Listing,” or “Great Location;” however, don’t tell them where the listing is or how much it costs. Usually, when followers see this information, they’ll automatically disqualify themselves, thinking the price is either too high or low, or the property isn’t in the right area for them. Let them reach out to ask where the home is located and the price. Even if the price or location of your listing does not meet their needs, you now have a new prospect!

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