Four Ways to Supercharge Your Closing Activity Plans

Your personal realtor

It’s the home stretch of the home-buying process. All the back and forth and hard work in the trenches has paid off and just a few John Hancock’s stand in the way of all parties walking away happy. However, now isn’t the time to take your eyes off the ball and start celebrating an early victory. Think of it as a marathon and you’re in the last one hundred-metre sprint – and instead of mailing in the last little bit, it’s important to stay focused right through to the finish line to make sure nothing catches up to you.

You never want to let any details fall through the cracks – so supercharge your closing activity plan to cover all of your bases. 

Customize and Create Your Own Closing Playbook

Consider this part of the deal your two-minute drill. The best quarterbacks of all time have these playbooks embedded into their framework that they can call on plays without hesitating – and it all starts with preparation.

Think of your closing activity plan like your private virtual assistant – or in this football analogy – the offensive coordinator coming through the headsets reading out play options. You have the opportunity to continually optimize the process and tweak as necessary with each closing. The freedom is entirely yours to create this playbook from scratch or work from a predefined structure to cater to you and your business.

Let Reminders Go to Work For You

Automating the closing process is like having these friendly and helpful reminders whispered in your ear throughout the day keeping you on track. You can get email reminders when it’s time to update the MLS, confirm that inspection and/or financing conditions have been waived, and of course, send that all important closing gift. You can get notifications ready on when to do the final walkthrough, if all the paperwork is prepared, and what the client should expect at closing.

Best of all, with a modern real estate CRM like IXACT Contact, you have access to all your listing and closing information, and all your closing plan To Do’s, right from the palm of your hand with our Mobile CRM App.

Have Your Go-To List – Ready To Go

You can have your entire rolodex of professionals at your fingertips ready to go at a moments notice. Having a complete contact list of trade professionals, locksmiths, landscapers, plumbers and everyone you’ve built connections with in your area, can be used as a true value proposition to enhance the level of service to your clients after you’ve closed.

Remember to be paying close attention to the finer details and hints that clients are dropping, and be sure to log these notes into your CRM – because it makes for perfect ammunition for a heartfelt closing gift.

From spa gift certificates, to a moving day survival kit to passes to an exclusive golf course, there certainly is no shortage of creative congratulatory gift ideas for your clients. But if you do need an injection of inspiration – check out this list of our Top 22 Best Closing Gift Ideas!

Be Prepared For Any Curveball

Plan the work – work the plan.

Having a virtual transaction coordinator works to keep you organized and in control allows you to handle more business than you ever thought possible. Get organized and stay on schedule with pre-defined and customizable Closing Activity Plans – and see the difference it makes for your real estate business.

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