5 Real Estate Problems That Are All Too True

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It’s almost a prerequisite to have a good sense of humor in an environment that is so unpredictable and has you working with folks from all walks of life. Let’s take a look on the lighter side at some of the things you would see circulating online under #RealEstateProblems – things that only real estate agents would understand, and share a collective laugh.

  1. Dealing with a crazy calendar

As a real estate agent, is there ever really a “weekend?”

The job title is notorious for hectic work hours – but it’s the passion for the role that allows agents to handle these far from traditional hours. Many successful agents realized they couldn’t go about this alone and outsourced their entire calendar to their CRM to essentially manage their lives.


  1. A house that has a hard time staying neat

According to a recent report, 81% of sellers understand that staging helps buyers visualize the property as a future home – which goes to show how important it is for the place to stay clean! Can you imagine opening a closet and seeing this deer staring back at you?


It’s safe to say this one falls under the category of #RealEstateProblems.

  1. Last minute conditions

It’s a truly life altering feeling when a place is set to close – and then it comes crashing back to square one with new conditions popping up last minute. All you can do is remain composed, and go through the process again. It helps to have your closing roadmap lined up in your CRM to help reorient your compass. In fact, the Active Business area of our CRM software acts like your virtual transaction coordinator to keep you organized – and in control!


  1. Expectations vs. Reality

What a client thinks their home is valued at, versus what the market is dictating can be a tough pill to swallow for some people. There’s a close emotional attachment to selling a home, and it can sometimes cast a distorted lens over the reality of what price the real estate market is setting. Buyers and sellers alike can sometimes have unrealistic demands, and it can understandably be a challenge for agents to finesse this with their client. This is where the education process comes in: blogs and other 3rd party emails can help nurture a client’s knowledge along and also serve as sales enablement tools.

Hint: you can automate this process so you don’t have to send and track them one by one.


  1. Juggling – everything!

Whether it’s dealing with a challenging client, a tough market, setting up a showing or forgetting who was supposed to pick up the kids from soccer practice, real estate agents have their responsibilities and attentions pulled in a million different directions. Having a digital sidekick watching your back, nurturing your leads, helping you stay top of mind and reminding you that you’re actually late for the aforementioned soccer practice is a lifesaver!

Having a real estate CRM act as your personal marketing assistant saves you time and makes it easier to tackle your day-to-day strategically. Not to mention how much stress and worry it absorbs for you so you can focus on your core competencies – and stay away from trending in #RealEstateProblems.

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