Fun 30 Second Quiz: What’s your Time Management IQ?

Take this fun quiz to see how well you’re doing at staying organized and managing your time effectively. It’ll take less than 30 seconds to complete. Jot down either true or false for each question and at the end of the quiz,


  1. I follow a daily calendar and task list.     T/F
  2. I use drip marketing programs to automate some of my “keep in touch” work.     T/F
  3. I use listing and closing Activity Plans so nothing falls through the cracks.     T/F
  4. I set up automatic prompts so important meetings, commitments, and activities are not forgotten.     T/F
  5. All of my contacts are managed in one centralized real estate database.     T/F
  6. I manage all of my transactions and active buyers from one centralized location.     T/F
  7. I prioritize my tasks and activities based on level of importance.     T/F
  8. I regularly run reports to understand my business better and define areas of improvement.      T/F
  9. I have the right technology systems in place to help me manage and organize my business.     T/F
  10. I plan ahead.     T/F
  11. I have weekly or monthly goals that I work to achieve.    T/F
  12. I carve out different portions of my day to accomplish different tasks and activities (when possible).     T/F
  13. I record and keep track of the communication history between myself and my clients and prospects.     T/F

How well did you do?

9-13 true answers: You’re doing very well when it comes to organization and time management. You’re proactive and have your business under control. Great job! However, unless you got all 13 answers correctly, there’s still some room for improvement.

8-5 true answers: You’re doing some things right when it comes to organization and time management, and you likely have a lot under control. Try to review the statements you answered “false” to and see what changes you can make to improve.

Less than 5 true answers: There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done, but don’t fret! It’s easy to make needed changes to get more organized. Start with using a good CRM for Agents. It’s the foundation to getting and staying organized and managing your time effectively. It’s also the basis for building that coveted referrals and repeat business.

How many “true” answers did you circle? What do you do to stay organized? Please leave a comment below!

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