Get Hot Real Estate Leads from Cold Emails

email marketingAgents who want to convert real estate leads into ready clients must master writing effective emails. Simply put, a cold email is a message to a prospect whom you haven’t communicated with before. To help you craft an amazing cold email, we’re sharing tips from Entrepreneur magazine, along with our own insights!

Cold emails need to be short, sweet and to the point. The first email you send is the most important email you’ll ever send! Here are 7 easy steps to follow!

  1. Organize your database. Depending on the quality of your lead capture, your database can be broken down into more than just “buyers” and “sellers.” For example:
  • First-time home buyers
  • Vacation home buyers
  • Move-up buyers
  • First-time home sellers
  • Downsizing sellers
  • Vacation home sellers

You can also segment your database by market, price range and prospect timeline. The better your lead capture, the more effective your marketing campaigns will be.

  1. Create a purposeful subject line. Give your reader an honest expectation of content. Here’s some favorites:
  • The first thing to do when selling your Atlanta home!
  • Would you like to know your home value?
  • Where is the Austin real estate market headed?
  • Do you want a cash offer for your home?
  1. Create a short message that gets right to the point. We’re following our first subject line example, “the first thing to do when selling.” Here’s what the message might look like:

“Finding out what your home is worth today, is the first thing you need to do! You need to know your home’s competitive position before you plan any updates, or make assumptions about price. A comparative market analysis gives you critical information about home value.”

  1. Emphasize why the reader should use your service. Continuing our example message in progress:

“I’ve been selling Atlanta homes for 10 years. My clients average 98% of their asking price with only 43 days on market. My comparative market analysis and pre-sale consultation is the first step in a successful sale!”

  1. Ask your reader to respond; include a call-to-action:

“You can have a market analysis and pre-sale consultation absolutely free, without obligation. Would you like to make an appointment today? Please call 555-555-5555, or click here, and I’ll be glad to help you.”

  1. Follow up. Sending a “second round” message after a week or so can be very effective. It could look something like this:

Subject: Following up

Hello Susan,

I’m following up on the free market analysis and home selling consultation I offered last week. Are you interested? Please take a moment to let me know.


Sven Superseller

  1. Use a CRM to manage your email campaigns! Using a robust CRM for real estate like IXACT Contact helps you create effective email marketing!

With features such as customizable, automated newsletters and email marketing templates, IXACT Contact helps you deliver useful content to your prospects. If you are not already using IXACT Contact, sign up now for the free 5-week trial!

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