How REALTORS® can thrive in these challenging times

A positive mind and out-of-the-box thinking goes a long way

This isn’t what we expected.
It’s not what we planned for.
We didn’t sign up for this!

Everyone is in the same boat, floating aimlessly down a river of uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rear its evil head.

You have two choices:

1) Put your real estate business on the backburner, catch up on sleep, relax more than you have in years, watch TV and ride out the downtime.


2) Keep working, be resourceful, figure out ways to do your job amazingly without making physical contact with people, and explore new tools to help you set up your business for big success when the market resurges.

Don’t just survive…thrive

The life of a typical REALTOR® is beyond busy. Extra time is scarce, but something you always wish you had more of. Now is your chance to take advantage.

  • Read.
  • Research.
  • Learn.
  • Plan.
  • Strategize.
  • Adapt.

If you think of this unbelievable situation as a business opportunity rather than a business tragedy, then you can begin to reframe your perspective towards the positive operation and future growth of your business.

Everything video

As more and more people make the conscious decision to limit and eliminate their in-person meetings, it’s time to update the traditional nature of your service as a REALTOR®. Now is not the time to be shy and hide behind your phone or email inbox. Use video as much as you can, from virtual showings and 3D virtual home tours, to video emails and conferencing calls. Show your clients that you are adapting to the times and accommodating their needs. Implement new technologies, start using different tools and take your business to a more advanced digital level.

While there’s no doubt that the real estate market will return to “normal” at some point, it is highly likely that “normal” will look entirely different from what it was before. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, in our digital age, real estate was already considered to be somewhat of an antiquated industry. So, as the sector is forced to move more towards virtual operation and digitization it’s hard to believe that those newly implemented technologies will simply be dropped when COVID-19 passes. Adapt now, and be a frontrunner when the market booms again.

Light up on social media

The vast majority of people have more time on their hands at the moment. For many, that means more time to surf social media. The real estate industry is known to flock both buyers and sellers to a wide variety of social media outlets. If you don’t already have a solid presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, now is the perfect time to get more involved. Consider an automated system that makes posting consistent and seamless so that when the floodgates reopen and you go back to feeling as though you don’t have time for anything but your clients, your social media activity will be running automatically in the backend.

Polish your online presence

Website out of date? Lacking quality branding? Content not as strong as it could be? Think of this quieter real estate market as a period of time in which you can improve upon your existing marketing foundation. Redesign your site, revisit your brand and revamp your messaging to ensure that your complete online presence is representative of who you are and what sets you apart in your field.

Enhance your business

From streamlining your processes, to discovering new and innovative ways to serve your clients better, to learning how to optimize the marketing systems you already have in place, be proactive. While the rest of the world is pausing and hitting the breaks, you could be focusing your time and energy on the advancement and evolution of your business.

Get your contacts in order – and stay top of mind

One of the most intelligent and effective ways to keep your business’s momentum during this slower period, lies within your existing database of contacts. Considering the impressive numbers and stats surrounding the lucrativeness of CRM in real estate, why not finally optimize your contact list? IXACT Contact is a CRM built exclusively for real estate. It’s designed to help you get in touch and stay in touch with all those people who you’ve either already met or spent time with, or who have shown an interest in your business. IXACT Contact uses simple and straightforward processes for setup and scheduling so that before you know it, a complete contact management and marketing system is working automatically for you.

  1. Organize contacts into groups
  2. Schedule personalized reminders
  3. Nurture and convert leads into clients
  4. Get more referrals
  5. Set up automated email marketing and drip campaigns
  6. Benefit from an automatic social media process
  7. Send ready-to-go monthly newsletters
  8. Get a branded, lead-generating website

We’re doing everything we can to help you during this challenging time. That’s why we’ve extended our FREE TRIAL to 5 weeks.