How to Avoid Agent Burnout as an Agent

agent burnoutHas anyone ever said something like this to you: “It must be nice to make your own hours,” or “I’d sure love to work from home, do you wear your pajamas all day?

Frustrating as it can be, these are some of the common misconceptions about the life of an Agent.  The truth is, real estate professionals work grueling hours all throughout the day.  To be a successful Agent you have to be extremely motivated, passionate, and organized! This makes these misunderstandings about the profession even more aggravating.

If you’re part of the 46% of Americans who feel their job is interfering with their personal life, you might be at risk of Agent burnout. Or worse, you might already be burnt out!

It’s not something to take lightly. According to Psychology Today, some of the symptoms of burnout include chronic fatigue, insomnia, lack of concentration, headaches, anxiety, and even a weakened immune system.  Not concerns that you should overlook! Of course, it’s important to seek the assistance of a professional if you are suffering these symptoms.  But let’s look at a few ways you can avoid burning out in your demanding real estate career:

  1. Find what makes you relax

    Finding time for self-care is challenging no matter what your profession, but it’s especially difficult for Agents who have varied schedules from day to day. Spend some time identifying what activity helps you feel calm, and add it to your schedule as if it was an appointment. It might be a weekly yoga class or recreational basketball game. Or maybe you want to settle in with a novel or take part in the new coloring book craze for 15 minutes a day.  Whatever it is that helps you decompress, schedule the time for it and be protective of that time slot, treating it with the same importance as any other appointment in your calendar.

  2. Systematize your business

    The life of an Agent is filled with hundreds of tasks. From the minute details to the time consuming responsibilities, there is always something to be done. Learn ways to systematize as much of your business as possible. We’re lucky to live in a day and age where technology can support us with many tasks.  Use tools like a real estate CRM, your phone, and useful apps to help automate tasks like your email marketing, call reminders, and lead nurturing.  When you set the right system in place you’ll save time, feel more in control and streamline your workflow. It’s a recipe for organization!

  3. Train your clients on your process

    Sure, it seems like your clients always call when you’re about to sit down to dinner. But the truth is that your clients can’t read your mind or your schedule!  When you fail to communicate your parameters to them, of course they fail to stay within them.  Let your clients know how and when you’re available.  Update your voicemail and email messages with detailed information on when they can expect a response from you. If real estate clients don’t know your boundaries, they’ll assume you have no boundaries and act accordingly.  Train them on how you work and their expectations will be more realistic.

  4. Find a support system

    Identify the friends and colleagues you can count on to help you stay in check. Hold each other accountable by checking in regularly and sharing stress management techniques.  If you’re working on your own, tap into the vibrant online community of ActiveRain, where you can discuss everything about your business with professionals from all over North America.  Having someone who can relate to your career demands is a huge stress reliever, so find your support system and tap into it often!

  5. Be kind to yourself

    We’re all human and have all made errors in our career. Instead of dwelling on a mistake, show yourself some kindness and vow to keep trying. Positive thinking is vital for success in any career. Aim for a ratio of positive emotions to negative emotions of at least 3:1, which is the tipping point to start experiencing increased resilience and happiness (Psychology Today).  You may even find that your positive thinking brings more leads and prospects your way, as people are often drawn to positive people!

Take time to evaluate the stress levels in your life and put the practices in to place for avoiding burnout.  Sign up for a 5 week free trial of IXACT Contact to start systematizing your email marketing, follow up tasks, and lead nurturing. A robust real estate CRM will help you get better organized and save time. Then start using that extra time to enjoy some relaxation and self-care!