How to Get Leads from Your Real Estate Website

best agent websiteThe numbers are in, and they’ve proven that real estate websites are crucial for agents who want to close more sales and make more commissions. In fact, last year over 240 million unique users visited real estate websites (RealTrends). With a search volume like that, savvy real estate professionals are recognizing the importance of a solid web presence.

Creating your own real estate website is the first step towards boosting your business, but it doesn’t stop there. For your website to be worthwhile, it needs to be generating quality leads for your business. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your real estate website is driving leads:

Get real estate leads by being mobile friendly.

Studies have shown that 40% of the 240 million visitors who visit real estate websites come using a mobile device; that’s a huge portion! Perhaps your website is a masterpiece on a destop computer, but have you checked how it looks on a iPhone or tablet? To get more real estate leads, your website should display properly on any device, making you more accessible and removing any roadblocks for your website visitor. A mobile friendly website should be a priority.  If your site isn’t mobile optimized now, it’s time to make a change.

Get more leads with quality website content.

Not every real estate agent has a knack for writing online copy – and that’s ok! Text written for real estate websites needs to be engaging, clear, brief and professional.  If writing isn’t your strong suit, your website may be turning visitors off as soon as they start to read it. Opt for the help of a professional writer or a website provider that includes quality, professionally written content to engage your website visitors.

Get real estate leads by blogging regularly.

Have you ever visited a blog online in hopes of finding interesting tips, and instead been greeted by an outdated post from 2009?  An inactive blog gives website visitors the impression that you’re an inactive real estate professional. By blogging regularly, you’ll prove yourself to be in touch, on top of trends, and entice more visitors to share and re-visit your site!  Don’t have the time to update your blog regularly? Check out a real estate website provider that comes with pre-written blog content on a regular basis.

Get more leads by presenting consistent branding.

Some real estate agents are satisfied by having a generic page within their broker’s website.  These pages usually include a tiny headshot and vague contact information. The buried pages are not very eye-catching for prospects – that is if your prospects can find it at all! Your real estate website is an extension of who you are as an agent, and it should reflect you!  Make sure your website is customized with the images, logos, colors, and videos that align with your personal brand.  This will help your prospects recognize and trust you thanks to your cohesive, professional marketing presence.

Capture the leads you’ve generated effectively.

The scary truth is that many agents don’t have a lead generation problem, they have a lead capturing problem! Is it possible that you’re already generating leads with your real estate website, but fail to capture those leads and convert them into clients? Some agents use websites that notify them by email when a lead comes in, but in the midst of daily tasks, it’s all too easy for that lead to be forgotten or lost in an email inbox.  A surefire solution to this problem is to use a real estate website that automatically captures your leads and populates them in your real estate CRM for you.  You can begin nurturing your new leads by email automatically by assigning them to a targeted lead nurture campaign.  A good CRM will include campaigns specific for buyers, sellers, renters, and more! For more long-term nurturing, you can even assign your leads to receive your Monthly eNewsletter. Getting in touch ASAP is crucial, and by capturing leads effectively you’ll be in touch and avoid misplacing leads.


A good agentwebsite can drive online leads for your business. Remember to ensure your website is mobile friendly, well-written, regularly updated and displays your listings.

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