How to Successfully Market yourself as a Real Estate Agent through Social Media

Have you reached a plateau in your real estate career where the prospect of improvement or progress seems unattainable? Are you struggling to connect with past clients or feel overwhelmed with the idea of lead generation? There may be several reasons for this, but social media can help. Social media plays an important role in how you market yourself as a real estate agent. But, this has to be executed with care.

1. Post regularly, but be mindful of the content you post

Put this into perspective. According to Facebook’s statistics, over half of the population in the U.S use Facebook. Chances are, many of your clients or future prospects are active on their phones and are also active users of Facebook and other social media on their mobile devices. Posting regularly will help you get your name out into the public’s eye. This could be a quick showing of a featured listing or a post that focuses more on client interests. As a result, your clients will see that you stay current, connected and openly communicate.

Are you struggling to post content or have a hard time posting often, perhaps due to a lack of time in the day? The right real-estate CRM will come equipped with the Social Stream feature, which is an automated content-sharing feature that hand-selects industry-related articles from highly acclaimed publications and posts articles for you. By combining your own listings and as well as community-related posts with Social Stream’s automated posts from leading real estate and lifestyle publications, you create the right balance in your social media marketing.

Balance is important. Once a page becomes too business-y, it may repel your clients or future prospects. You may want to avoid trying to sell a home in every post. Follow the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your posts are focus on lifestyle content. This will prioritize your clients’ needs over your own business needs.

2. Post more photos and videos and less words

If you wish to stay current, you have to accept that much of your audience will not commit time to reading lengthy posts. A lot of what you post may be skimmed and disregarded. Focus on posting content that is more visual and less word-oriented. Your own video of a listing on Facebook or Instagram or an article accompanied with a quick and eye-catching key point rather than an extensive paragraph. All of your hard work and writing will be overlooked, so it’s better saved for a blog rather than your social media. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes.

3. Be Responsive. Period.

You’ve set up your social media channels, you post regularly, and you post the right content. Now what? Why isn’t your following growing, or perhaps, why aren’t you hearing from your existing clients? Lack of responsiveness could be the reason. Social media is all about interaction and if you fail to respond, you’ll turn people off.

Any questions, concerns, positive or even negative comments need to be addressed promptly on your social media. Lack of responsiveness or response to only negative comments will hurt your image and people will lose faith in you.


Follow these key steps to build your social media following, position yourself as an authority on all things home and real estate related, and stay connected with your clients, and prospects. And when you do this, quality leads are guaranteed to follow.

Social media is a very powerful tool for building relationships and your brand. With IXACT Contact’s next-generation real estate CRM, which includes automated social media marketing, your real estate lead generation will receive the boost it needs. Your real estate career will flourish!

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