IXACT Contact Adds New Greeting e-Cards and Automated Keep in Touch Call Reminders

IXACT Contact announced today the addition of a new library of Greeting Card email templates making it easier than ever for real estate agents to reach out to clients on special days.


With a variety of birthday, move in anniversary, and seasonal holiday cards, complete with a mobile-friendly design, these greeting cards can be easily read on all devices including tablets and smartphones without zooming or scrolling.

Agents can send these attractive e-Cards as-is, or they can customize them to make them their own, with new cards being populated to the library as each seasonal holiday approaches.

IXACT Contact also announced the ability to mass assign Keep in Touch call reminders, with calls automatically spread over a range of dates that agents can select. The ability to mass assign Keep in Touch call reminders across hundreds of clients will save IXACT Contact users hours of time and make this key business building feature a snap to implement.

“IXACT Contact has always focused on making it easy for real estate agents to keep in touch with clients and important referral sources.  Our new Greeting e-Cards and enhanced automated Keep in Touch call reminders make IXACT Contact an even stronger relationship building tool,” said Rich Gaasenbeek, Co-Founder and EVP, IXACT Contact Solutions Inc.

About IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact® is an easy-to-use web-based real estate CRM and marketing solution.  IXACT Contact includes robust real estate contact management, powerful email marketing, and mobile friendly Agent websites.  IXACT Contact helps real estate agents generate leads that convert into clients, keep in touch with past clients, hot prospects, and important referral sources, and stay organized and in control as their business grows.