IXACT Contact Business Development Update – Part 3

Jennifer Allan - Sell With Soul

Last but not least, I have to give a very big and very special shout-out to an amazing new partner – Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn of Sell With Soul.  Jennifer is a former Agent who is now a wildly successful author and blogger with thousands of devoted followers of her Sell With Soul philosophy and approach to real estate sales.  We “connected” with Jennifer Allan (literally and figuratively) late last year, and once she experienced IXACT Contact herself, she realized that IXACT Contact CRM for real estate, along with our wireless sync and drip marketing capability, could be of tremendous benefit to her followers in helping them be more professional and better organized.

With that realization, she created an educational campaign consisting of an initial tele-seminar, followed by three webinars, and supported along the way by a series of blog posts on the importance of effective contACT and contRACT management (Jennifer’s caps) for success in real estate sales.  Jennifer has even created a dedicated page within her website on the sole topic of contact management.

Jennifer Allan - Sell With SoulThanks to Jennifer’s amazing drive, enthusiasm and can-do attitude, thousands of agents now have a much better understanding of how using a good real estate CRM can help them better manage and grow their business.

Response to the campaign and to IXACT Contact has been fantastic, and we are VERY grateful to Jennifer for her support and honoured to be a part of her Sell With Soul ecosystem!  And this is why Part 3 of our Marketing and Business Development Update is dedicated to Jennifer Allan ALONE!

I hope you found these updates on what’s new with IXACT Contact on the partnership and business development fronts to be of interest.  Going forward, my goal will be to provide shorter updates in real-time, so that we don’t have to catch up on two or three months of news at a time.