IXACT Contact Extends Its “No Limits” Real Estate Email Marketing Capabilities

cropped2Updates to IXACT Contact’s powerful real estate email marketing platform make it easier than ever for Agents to keep in touch with prospects and past clients more often, regardless of database size.

New enhancements to IXACT Contact’s powerful email marketing platform allow agents to send unlimited mass emails.  In addition, each individual mass email message can have an unlimited distribution list.  One of IXACT Contact’s key goals is to provide Agents with the most user-friendly yet powerful real estate CRM and email marketing platform on the market.  This new “No Limits” approach delivers on this promise in a major way.

A study by McKinsey and Company found that email continues to be the most effective form of online marketing today.  Email is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.  IXACT Contact understands the value and ROI email marketing offers to real estate agents.  The company respects that every Agent has different contact management and email marketing needs, therefore the CRM is offering customers the power to use the effective email marketing platform without limits.

Other customer relationship managers have limitations on email distribution and struggle to deliver high volumes of email messages.  These limits can impact the effectiveness of the real estate agent’s email marketing efforts.

“IXACT Contact customers use email marketing to keep in touch with past clients, stay top of mind with prospects, and generate leads,” says Rich Gaasenbeek, Vice President, IXACT Contact, “Our software includes targeted drip email campaigns, sophisticated mass email functionality including Campaign Reporting, and a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter, all of which help real estate sales professionals get the best possible ROI from their email marketing.   With our “No Limits” enhancements, even the largest team with the biggest database can grow their email marketing without constraint.”

As part of IXACT Contact’s “No Limits” strategy, the company has increased the monthly free allotment of mass emails per agent to 2,500, and real estate teams enjoy 2,500 mass emails per team member, with additional mass emails costing as little as half a penny each.  The new allotment will ensure customers are able to share their messages with their entire database, as research has shown that 98% of Agents send less than 2,500 mass emails per month. Individual mass emails can have any size distribution list, and as always, drip email is also unlimited.

IXACT Contact has long been known in the industry as offering innovative real estate contact management software with outstanding email marketing capability.  Real estate agents appreciate the ability to customize their mass emails in IXACT Contact to reflect their own real estate branding and to send an individual personalized email to each recipient.  IXACT Contact places a strong emphasis on email deliverability, to ensure real estate agent’s email messages are getting into their contact’s Inbox.  To ensure email deliverability, IXACT Contact sends all mass emails through a leading Email Service Provider (ESP).  Leveraging the ESP’s specialized email servers ensures the highest level of deliverability.  IXACT Contact’s ESP has established relationships with all the major email providers, and constantly monitors delivery and bounce-back statistics in order to ensure that any deliverability issues are identified and rectified as quickly as possible.

“Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for real estate agents to keep in touch with past clients and prospects,” says Jon Kay, Chief Technology Officer, IXACT Contact.  “We’re proud to offer Agents with reliable “No Limits” easy-to-use email functionality allowing them to email any size distribution list, even including their entire database, quickly, easily, and as often as they like.”