5 Real Estate Marketing Tasks You Should Automate

cropped3The day of the average Agent is a busy one.  Between commutes, meetings, listing appointments, prospecting, and marketing, you might find it difficult to carve out the time for dinner with your family!

While some of your tasks do require that you carry them out yourself, there are parts of your day that could be automated.  Taking advantage of technology can free up your time so you can dedicate yourself to your other tasks and your personal life.

Are you spending too much time manually completing tasks that could be automated?  Here are 5 key real estate marketing tasks that you should automate to save some time:

1 – Phone call reminders:

How do you remind yourself when it’s time to give a former client or prospect a call? Let me guess, there’s a combination of sticky notes, emails and notes in your phone, and you STILL don’t remember when it’s time to reach out?

Automating call reminders will help you stay in touch more effectively than ever and it will eliminate the stress of losing important leads through the cracks.  A good real estate CRM will come equipped with automated call reminders that will notify you when it’s time to reach out to your past client or prospect.  You can even choose whether you’re reminded to make a call bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

2 – Contact birthdays and move-in anniversaries:

One of the nicest and most natural ways to keep in touch with a prospect or past client is by wishing them well on a birthday or the anniversary of them moving into their home.  But when your contact list grows, it’s difficult to remember every contact and their partner’s date of birth and home anniversary.

By automating birthday and move-in anniversary reminders, you’ll never forget a special day again.  Your prospects and past clients will be impressed by your thoughtfulness, and the channels of communication will remain open.  Choose a real estate contact management system that reminds you of birthdays and move-in anniversaries.  It’s an easy and rewarding way to keep in touch.

3 – Monthly e-Newsletters:

I hear from many Agents who wish they had the time to put together a monthly newsletter to keep in touch with their contacts.  Regular communications with well written content are a terrific way to build your credibility as a home-ownership expert, and to remind your past clients and prospects that you’re available.

Believe it or not, a monthly e-Newsletter is another powerful task that you can automate.  IXACT Contact is the only real estate CRM that comes with a professionally written and designed e-Newsletter that you can send to your contacts every month on the date and time you choose.  It’s incredibly easy to distribute a newsletter when it’s designed and written by real estate professionals!

4 – Drip emails:

Different contacts should receive different messages from a real estate professional; after all, they have different needs.  But it can be challenging to manually type and send regular email messages to your listing clients, buying clients, FSBOs, renters, hot leads, and more.

Automated drip emails ensure that your messaging is targeted specifically to the needs of your contact.  This allows you to keep in touch without  having to regularly  log in and  type out emails !  This is truly one of the greatest time-savers available thanks to your real estate CRM.  Keep in touch on a regular basis with clear, relevant messages to your real estate prospects.

5 – Lead capture:

Generating leads is one of the primary tasks on an Agent’s mind.  But how many times are those precious leads being lost because of misplaced notes or memory slips?

Automated lead capture is one of the most valuable tools in a real estate agent’s toolbox.  A good real estate CRM, like IXACT Contact, can capture your leads online and automatically transfer them into your database. You can even receive automatic email reminders that let you know when you’ve received a new lead.  These new leads can be automatically assigned to a drip email campaign to receive your monthly e-Newsletter. Automating the lead capture process allows you to begin communicating with your valuable leads immediately, and reminders ensure that no leads fall through the cracks.


Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to do.  By automating some of your real estate marketing tasks, you’ll work more efficiently.  Not only will automation save you time, but it will ensure that you don’t lose important leads by forgetting to keep in touch or misplacing a sticky note!

Ready to give automation a try? Take advantage of the 5 week FREE trial offered by IXACT Contact.