Keeping in Touch with your Contacts; the Right Way

When it comes to keeping in touch with your contacts, it’s no easy feat. Especially if these contacts are past clients of yours. Combine that with all of your other daily responsibilities and that could lead you down a very overwhelming path. However, it is important to maintain and nourish those relationships, even after closing on the listing. Not only will you be seen as the go-to agent for these contacts, this will also help you get referrals as well. Here are a few surefire ways to keep in touch with your contacts the right way:

1. Assign your Contacts to an Automated Nurture Email Campaign

Plain and simple, you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to go and chase after your past clients and follow up with them and that is okay. You are only human. A system that acts like your personal assistant will do this for you. How? Automation is the answer. A real estate CRM will allow you to assign your past contacts to an automated customizable email campaign. This is where you have personal freedom to create a campaign or assign your contacts to a campaign of your choosing. A campaign consists of emails in which you can assign your contact to, to better connect with them, at whichever time you plan on doing so.

2. Send your Contacts a Monthly E-Newsletter (Again…Automated)

The world is going virtual. Yes, you can still send letters by mail, which is effective as well, but what if your contacts prefer looking at an email. On top of that, you don’t have the time to stuff envelopes all day. Send them a monthly e-Newsletter, an automated and customizable one, that is. How do you know what to send them? A good CRM has that covered. It gathers real estate industry-related articles for you that will appeal to your contacts. This means articles that have anything and everything to do with homes, DIYs, home projects, renovation, etc.  Assign your contacts to this and they will always know of your existence. No questions asked. That’s why when it is time to look for a real estate agent, you will be top of mind, guaranteed.

3. Keep Important Dates in Mind and Send Greetings, Virtually of Course!

There’s nothing like the feeling of receiving a birthday card or any kind of greeting whether it is a holiday, move-in anniversary, etc. So why don’t you make your contacts feel special and do the same for them? If you have a handy real estate CRM, you can make note of move-in dates, birthdays, and other occasions that your contacts may find of importance. Send them an eCard and make their day! It only takes a minute to do so and it will build your relationship with them. They will see you as more than just a real estate agent they once worked with.

Key Takeaways

These three easy steps are all it takes to take you from an average real estate agent to a top, go-to real estate agent! Assigning your contacts to a drip email campaign, sending them a monthly e-Newsletter and sending them eCards on important dates will help elevate your real estate game in no time. All it takes is some automation, using a handy real estate CRM tool and that’s it! Are you willing to take these steps to the test? Try out IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM and Marketing Automation Software out for 5 Weeks all at NO Cost and watch as you become a top selling and go-to real estate agent!