Logging a Call in IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM is Now Lightning Fast

In our ongoing effort to make IXACT Contact real estate CRM more efficient and easier to use, we have added a great new feature to My Contacts. It’s a small feature – with a BIG impact!

Screen Shot of New Log Call Link
Logging a call now lightning fast

One of the favorite features of IXACT Contact CRM for real estate is the ever-present My Contacts list (in the left column). You will notice that the list now includes a Log Call link for each contact. If you’re working anywhere in IXACT Contact and you suddenly get an important call or email from a contact, simply click the contact’s Log Call link and quickly enter the details. Upon saving, you are instantly returned to exactly what you were doing before without losing any work or valuable time.

No more having to save (or lose) what you are working on, opening the contact record to log the call, and finding your way back to what you were doing before. If a client calls you and you’re working on a drip marketing campaign or in the middle of prospecting, you won’t loose your work or be disrupted. What a huge time saver!

With this small innovation, logging a call in IXACT Contact is now far quicker and easier than in any other major real estate contact management system.  Recent competitive analysis showed that logging a call in two other popular real estate CRMs takes between DOUBLE and TRIPLE the number of clicks versus IXACT Contact.  Given the number of client interactions an active CRM user will log in a day, the time savings are significant.

At IXACT Contact we are always striving to improve the user experience. If you have a time-saving suggestion like this one, please do not hesitate to tell us about it.

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