How to Nurture Your Garden of Prospects to Blossom into Clients

lead nurturing

Have you ever tried growing a vegetable garden? For several summers I’ve attempted to grow tomatoes, but between long weekends, summertime travel, and my own forgetfulness, my poor tomato plants have never flourished. I haven’t done a good job of nurturing the plants consistently enough to reap the benefits of fresh tomatoes. For plants to […]

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Real Estate Prospecting: What You Need to Know

real estate prospecting

The topic of real estate prospecting is one that many Agents love to hate.  While a lot of real estate professionals achieve moderate success in the early years of their career, it’s common to hit a wall when your well of leads starts to dry up. It’s clear that more leads need to be generated […]

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How Many Lead Contacts Does it Take to Create a Client?

Leads are an important part of any real estate agent’s business. Yet too often, leads are mismanaged and not given the proper attention. It’s amazing when you think about it – some agents will spend a fortune on websites and SEO, for the purpose attracting and capturing leads…and then do very little with them! The […]

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Advice from a Real Estate Pro: One-A-Day

I’m always after you to… “Add one new name every day to your database.” I’m talking about people you can follow up with in the future for referrals (or even direct business in the months to come). Two questions come from this recommendation… Where do I find them? & What do I say? WHERE? In […]

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What Do Past Real Estate Clients Want?

Today I’m sharing a blog with you from Morris Marketing Group.  They share some valuable information about what your past clients crave from you as their Agent. It’s pretty easy to figure out what clients want from you during a transaction. They want you to help them buy or sell a home quickly, get the […]

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Best Way to Get Qualified Real Estate Leads

For most real estate agents, the hunt for qualified leads is ongoing.  The right real estate CRM can help you organize your contacts. But did you know it can also help you better recognize qualified leads for Agents? By understanding what makes a qualified lead and what doesn’t, you’ll save time and money going after new […]

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