3 Tips to Use a Real Estate CRM to be an All-Star Agent

There are a multitude of ways a real estate CRM can help you take your business to the next level and build your reputation as a top-notch real estate agent – an agent that people love to refer to those they know. Here are three ways you can use your real estate CRM to generate quality leads, convert your leads into listings, and foster that sought-after referrals-based business.

1. Use your CRM to learn more about your prospects and clients.

By capturing information that people share about themselves in your real estate CRM, you’re able to leverage that information to keep in touch and build relationships over time. A good real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact allows you to fill in personal details in the Contact Profile, as well as track notes and email history. Here are some examples of things you might want to keep track of: What does Bob do for a living? What are the names and ages of Bob and Michelle’s children? What does Bob and Michelle’s dream home look like and what neighborhood is it in?

2. Use your CRM to maintain consistent and relevant communications with your sphere.

Without a CRM, your ability to keep in touch with people soars and plummets depending on how busy you are with listings and buyers. When times are quiet, you’re a keep in touch wizard, but when things get busy, you fall off the face of the earth.

With a real estate CRM, it can keep in touch with past clients and prospects for you, even when you’re not available to personally do so.  And best of all, because you’ve learned about your contacts and grouped them appropriately in your real estate database, the automated communications that you send them are targeted and relevant to their specific interests and needs. IXACT Contact allows you to do this with pre-written drip email campaigns, a monthly done-for-you automated e-Newsletter, automated keep in touch reminders, and much, much more.

3. Use a CRM to help you perform your job as a real estate agent to the highest possible level of excellence.

The purchase or sale of a home is one of the most important personal and financial decisions that most people make in their lives.  They want to work with an agent they can trust to do an outstanding job on their behalf.

A real estate CRM system helps you to operate in an organized and professional manner at all times – to be the consummate professional.  With a great CRM such as IXACT Contact, you can easily keep track of all these little details with your task list and calendar, along with the ability to sync with your smartphone, Gmail, or Outlook. This means you’ll never miss a meeting, critical details don’t fall through the cracks, you’re leading the process rather than reacting to it, you’re the consultant and the expert, and your clients have 100% confidence that you’re taking care of everything for them.

This peace of mind that the purchase or sale of their home is in the hands of an expert professional who will look after their best interests every step of the way is ultimately what the client hopes for when they hire an Agent.


At the end of the day, a real estate CRM can be instrumental in helping you become a more successful agent. It’s about using the system to provide a more personalized experience, stay in touch, and service your clients better than you ever thought possible. IXACT Contact can help you do all of these things with ease. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.